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Opinion Writing

No description

Amy Lyn Reeves

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Opinion Writing

Persuasive Writing
Key Vocabulary:
Is it Opinion Writing or Persuasive Writing?
What's the difference?
Key Components of Persuasive Writing:
Voice – should come across as passionate and enthusiastic rather than emotional
Persuasive Writing tries to get the reader to agree with the author’s point of view or to motivate the reader to action.

Developing a good argument is essential to persuasion.

5th Grade Persuasive Writing:
K-3 is Opinion Writing
Opinion writing states your likes and dislikes, backing them up with supporting reasons.
Persuasive Writing goes 1 step further:
Persuasive Writing presents your opinion in order to get your reader to agree with you!
Strong opening that will state the author’s position, or opinion, on a topic.

opinions are supported through facts, statistics (data from research), examples, anecdotes (little stories), values and/or beliefs
Acknowledging Opposite Opinions:
The 5th Grade persuasive writer also acknowledges opposing or differing opinions from his or her own.
Opinion is restated:

Hemlock trees are under attack from a tiny insect called the wooly adelgid.
For instance, a 1994 study found over 90 species of birds in Connecticut hemlock forests.
Source: (na.fs.fed.us/fhp/hwa/pubs/proceedings/2002_proceedings/restoration.pdf)
Hemlock trees make the world a better place; therefore, we should protect them from extinction.
But trees are only good for making things out of wood or paper, you might say.
Two types of hemlock trees are endangered: the Carolina and Eastern hemlock.
My daughter and I visit our hemlocks in the woods to check on them and remove the adelgid parasites.
I believe that hemlock trees are a valuable and vital part of nature that must be preserved.
To join me in my quest to preserve hemlock trees, simply treat a tree in your own backyard!
- to persuade
to try to get someone to agree that something is right or to take action
a “stand” or opinion someone takes on a question

an important topic or problem for debate or discussion

a mental position from which things are viewed
to think carefully about something
Have we convinced you yet?
This is a problem, because hemlock trees
provide a habitat for many species.
We must save
hemlocks, not only for
nature's sake, but also
for our own.
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