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Identity by Uta


dianne luca

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Identity by Uta

Identity by Uta Hagen What is Identity? It's about knowing who you are What you do and how you think defines your identity We have an image of who we think we are, but we are more than this How Can I Achieve Identity in My Role?
When playing an identity, it is important to think about what the character's history with the setting. What has this character done before the setting, how does it make the character feel?

You can relate playing an identity to a picture. When examining a picture, put yourself into the picture instead of just looking at it. How is the person in the picture feeling? What is the person wearing?

Know who you are and find your own sense of identity so you can bring about a genuine life for a character

Be able to connect feeling to behavior

Aim for a cat’s spontaneity; unanticipated involvement in the moment

Overcome the concept of being "normal". This will take away from the originality of the character

Game Time! 1) You are a firefighter (own interpretation) and a mouse crosses you. How would you react? 2) You are a popular person in your school(your own interpretation) but, you walk into a brand new school for grade 12 with all new people around you. How would you act? 3) You are a clean freak, that NEVER leaves a spot on the floor, but you spill a cup of coffee on your carpet. How would you act? 4) You are an A-student that cares very much for your education and future, but find out your pregnant. How would you act? THANK YOU :)
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