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Keyboarding Technique & Tips

techniques and tips to consider

teri kruger

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Keyboarding Technique & Tips

Keyboarding Techniques and Tips
Home Row is the Most Important
It trains your fingers.
It helps you have a starting and ending point.
Physical Aspects of Keyboarding
Sit up straight
Wrists not resting on table/desk
Feet flat on floor
Hands on Home Row
asdf jkl;
Strike, don't press
Think Cobra - strike quickly and back off
Don't Look...
Watch book or copy, not fingers
Glancing back and forth between fingers and book leads to wasted time
Keep eyes on book so fingers learn where keys are, not eyes
Relax and stretch
Relax shoulders and stretch fingers, wrists, and neck to relieve stress
Practice, Practice, Practice
Mistakes will happen
Ignore mistake and move on to next letter/word
Focus on using correct fingers
Don't focus on speed or accuracy
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