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Science Fair Prep - A sample experiment

During this experiment you become familiar with the scientific method, experiments, and some of the components you need to add to your science fair display.

stephanie connelly

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair Prep - A sample experiment

Question This is the first step of the scientific method. It all starts with wanting to find the answer to something...

Ask a research question that can be answered by observation/an experiment.

= Is a person's favorite subject in school influenced by gender? Results Display a complete record of your observations and results. Note accident, mistakes, unusual/unexpected information. Use graphs, charts, words, images to present data.
= see white board for the chart results!! An experiment on school subjects. Scientific Method Hypothesis Procedure This step has two parts... Materials and Methods.

Lists each item needed to do the experiment. Make sure you include all materials and equipment. List step-by-by clear set of instructions.

1. With a parent/teacher, go to different classrooms of your local school and survey 30 students.
2. Ask 15 females and 15 males "what is your favorite subject in school and why".
3. Record each persons data (gender + favorite subject + why) on a blank sheet of lined paper using a pencil.
4. Make a tally chart for each subject area and for each gender. State what you think is going to happen... be specific. Can be based on past experiences/information.

= I think that more females than males like subjects like music because all my friends who professionally dance/sing are female. I think that more males than females like PE because all my males friends are strong, fit, good at and like sports. Final step in our experiment.

Using data from results, answer the question you started with. Note any other information you discovered during the experiment. List any questions/concerns you still have.

= we will do this together on the board.
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