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reanna rai

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of U.S. HISTORY 4.03 ASSIGNMENT

Prohibition is the prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol. This has reduced health problems, but also increased alcohol smuggling and social problems. Many people seek alcohol as a solution of family conflict, violence, and crime. This law was revoked by the 21st amendment, in 1933.
Work Cited
Harlem Renaissance
New Roles for Women
The Harlem Renaissance was a period of renewal for African American literary and musical traditions that followed World War I. This arouse a new black, cultural identity. It was influential to the future generations of black writers. One of the most well known writers of the Harlem Renaissance was Zora Neale Hurston. When the country fell into the Great Depression, the Harlem Renaissance began to fade.
Fundamentalism is a religious belief that the biblical events happened exactly as they were described in the scripture. The fundamentalists movement struggled, but eventually prospered. Fundamentalists of the United States became supporters of Israel. When fundamentalists failed to obtain extensive support, they faced losing a lot of moderate advocates.
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Women got increased economic power and gained the right to vote. They remained caretakers for their families but also went to college. Resulting in them getting jobs in different fields of the workforce, wanting to be equal to men. Yet they were still discriminated working in the male prominent fields.
Jazz Age
The Jazz Age was a nickname in the 1920's when jazz dance and music was popular. The "crazies" came along with the jazz. This is when people would do crazy things just for fun. Jazz led to a greater acceptance of African American culture. The Jazz Age ended with the Great Depression.
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