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3D Art Presentation

Mrs. Golnik Period 3

Umaima Haseeb

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of 3D Art Presentation

Found Object
Medium: paper clips, bottom of soda bottle & wires
Shoe Project
Composition C
Clay Project
Dry Wall #1

Flynn Rider
About Me
My name is Umaima Haseeb.
I'm fourteen years old, and a freshman at Seminole High
School. I took 3D Art this year
because I have never taken this
art class before, I've only been in
2D. Also, every since I was little
I've enjoyed making art and this
class helped me learn things about
art I didn't know before.
& Mrs. Golnik is the best art
teacher I've ever had :-)
3D Art Presentation
( after )
( after )
Mickey Mouse
Umaima Haseeb
Medium: drywall, spackle, acrylic paint
( before )
Dry Wall #2
Medium: dry wall, acyrlic paint
( before )
ARTIST STATEMENT: The reason I made this project is because it was a fun way to represent what a jellyfish looks like. This artwork is made completely out of found objects. This was very challenging because I basically had to make trash look like something. The hardest part was not getting all the paper clips to tangle together. But at the end I was proud of how it turned out.
Medium: shoe, gesso & acrylic paint
Medium: clay & glaze
( before fired )
( after fired )
Mask Project
Medium: plaster craft, newspaper & acrylic paint
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