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Personal Project

Introducting staff to mentoring a student doing this MYP assessment task.

Rosemary Pitman

on 19 October 2011

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Transcript of Personal Project

IB MYP Personal Project a significant body of work an extended individual study a product of the student's own initiative demonstrates the skills developed through ATLs the 5 AoIs are central to the PP the culminating activity of the IBMYP Timeline 2009
Term 3 Week 5 Introduced to students
End of Term 3 submit Project Proposal
Week 2 Term 4 submit Research Proposal
Term 1 Week 3 Arrange Supervisor and make at least 3 contacts before completing the Personal Project
Term 2 Week 7 Submit Personal Project to Supervisor
Week 8 Moderation of Personal Projects and set up display
Week 9 Exhibition Research the history of Doris Coulls’ Reserve and create a herbarium that represents the native plants found there

A piece of literary fiction - Children’s picture books, a manga comic

A written piece of work on a special topic – Grandfather’s history from a war memoir, how a grandparent overcame adversity

Scrapbook of Annesley memoirs

Design and make a ‘made to order’ line of clothing; design and make a formal dress

Learn the skill of dance photography

Build a ship in a bottle as a connection to great-grandfather’s life

Individuals making a difference to wildlife management – Animal rescue Assessment
Criterion A: Planning and development
Criterion B: Collection of information/resources
Criterion C: Choice and application of techniques
Criterion D: Analysis of information
Criterion E: Organisation of the written work
Criterion F: Analysis of process and outcome
Criterion G: Personal engagement
Must achieve a level 3 overall to qualify for MYP Develops these skills for future learning:
planning their own individualised learning
applying the skills acquired in prior learning
applying skills learned across subjects to a produce better understanding of real world problems
planning, time management, scheduling, prioritisation, organisation, presentation
analysis, discussion, research and report writing Role of the Supervisor
Students will invite you to supervise their Personal Project
Supervise a maximum of 3 projects
Meet with the student at least 3 times
You will be provided with the Project Proposal and the Research Proposal
At the first meeting sight the process journal and draft of the report and provide feedback to the student
Failure to attend this meeting needs to be reported to the Personal Project Coordinator
Responsible for the formative and summative assessment of the report against the assessment criteria Each student will have either
Process Journal
Process Journal
Essay This presentation was made at http://prexi.com/
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