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WIDE Tree of Love

No description

Yannick Jolliet

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of WIDE Tree of Love


The "mother"
The "daddy" &
DIDI, the "elder sister" :-)
WIDE Manager
Birth: 06.04.1964

I love all my children, I go with them in the bus everyday to drop them at school, I love the way they wave to me when they get into the school campus
Wide Project Manager
Qualification: MBA
Birth: 09.07.1990

I am the eldest and one among the children and they call me Dhidi the elder sister, , I love to do lots of activities with the children, we enjoy when we all go out for a trip together somewhere. I love to always be with the children and make them occupied with all they like
Founder & Director
Birth: 17.01.1972

It was my childhood dream to be a real good mother to serve children in need, today I am so proud to do so for 30 children in need, and my ambition is to continue this service and do the best for their good future
The Grand-Mother,
Mother of Kumari
The inspiration behind WIDE...
S.Ajith Kumar
School class: VIII
Birth: 13.09.1999
Age in 2014: 14

I study well, my brother is Sanjay, I love him a lot, we stay in this wide family which is so beautiful, I enjoy so much. I love to play cricket, which is so interesting for me, and also I like to do my own paintings. I want to become a Engineer one day.
School class: VII
Birth: 04/06/2002
Age in 2014: 11

I m very soft in speaking and most of them tease me, I would like to speak as others do, hope I can, I love driving a car. I like Christmas festival, since it brings me lots of presents. I like to become a teacher. I like writing, painting and coloring pictures.

School class: IX
Birth: 12/12/1999
Age in 2014: 15

I very proud in saying that I m the first child of wide family. I love to be a nurse and always want to stay with this family and help the children like me. I don’t want to be a teacher in any situation because I hate shouting.

School class: VI
Birth: 08/10/2002
Age in 2014: 12

I want to be mechanical engineer, basically I am very silent. I like to invent things.

School class: VI
Birth: 04/12/2003
Age in 2014: 10

I want to be a collector. I want have my own gear bicycle one day. I love drawing. My best friend is Babloo.

School class: I
Birth: 19/12/2007
Age in 2014: 5

I want to be doctor, interested in playing cricket. I m the smallest in wide.
School class: VIII
Birth: 02/07/2001
Age in 2014: 12

Ambitious: I want to be a boxer, I love to ride bike, and I like sceneries.
School class: VIII
Birth: 29/01/2001
Age in 2014: 13

I want to join in Indian army. I like peacock, Yamaha bike, dancing. My greatest hobby is drawing.

P. Pown Kumar
School class: V
Birth: 30.06.2002
Age in 2014: 11

I want to be a rickshaw driver. I hate English subject. I like climbing tree and swimming.

M. Priyanka
School class: IX
Birth: 07/07/1999
Age in 2014: 14

I m very glad to say that I and Pratap are twins. I want to be a police.
D. Sivashakthi
School class: V
Birth: 16/02/2002
Age in 2014: 11

I like to swing, dance, and want to be a teacher. I hate bad dreams. I like to work with our DIDI.
V. Thenpandi
School class: VI
Birth: 13/09/2002
Age (in 2014): 12

I want to be a scientist. I like to live in hut. I don’t like when people speak bad words.
School class: X
Age in 2014: 14
Birth: 20/06/1999

I love dancing, very much beauty conscious so I love to be an Airhostess, interested to learn various language. I hate mathematics because it makes me crazy. I like tailoring class conducted every Sunday.
T. Nandhini
School class: IX
Birth: 10/02/2001
Age in 2014: 13

I want to be a software engineer. I like the computer class on every Saturday. I like animals and like to fly in sky, so in my next birth I want to be bird.
V. Sujatha
School class: V
Birth: 6/12/2005
Age in 2014: 8

I want to be a police. I mostly like to behave like a boy, I like to wear trousers than frocks, and most of them call me a Tom Boy. I love playing cricket with boys. I am also good in studies.
N. Suresh Kumar
School class: VII
Birth: 11/09/2001
Age in 2014: 12

I want to be a police. I like the yoga class every Sunday I am very shy in learning, I am poor in English, but like learning it, I love my mother a lot, now I am here with so many which is good for me.
P. Sathyamoorthi
School class: VI
Birth: 30/04/2003
Age in 2014: 10

I like to ride bicycle, peacock, tiger, and lotus. I hate social science. I get anger when someone teases about my teeth.
M. Subala
School class: VII
Birth: 11/08/2001
Age in 2014: 12

I want to be doctor. I like custard apple, my friends, to climb mountain and nature. I love to help other and like children. I hate bitter guard. I like to cook.
M. Swetha
School class: VI
Birth: 26/12/2003
Age in 2014: 10

I like to participate in dance, singing and speech competition. I want to be teacher. I like flower. I don’t like brinjal. I love my WIDE family.
M. Pratap
School class: IX
Birth: 07/07/1999
Age in 2014: 14

I have passion to drive various vehicles. I like to climb the Tiruvannamalai Mountain. I like to save money but which is quite difficult. I love to go for deep well swimming. I always want to be a hard worker. I like to have little brothers.
D. Villuvanesan
School class: VIII
Birth: 19/05/2001
Age in 2014: 12

I want to be an engineer. I love drawing and the family says that I m an artist which makes me proud, so I like the art activity very much.
Prince Preetham
School class: IV
Birth: 11.08.2004
Age in 2014: 9

I like playing a lot, painting, karate, stories, above all
I don’t like fruits, I like chocolates. My ambition is to be a police officer.
S. Velan
Birth: 31/05/2006
Age in 2014: 7

I want to study well. I like to see peacock. I wait for every year Christmas to see our Dhidi as Santa who brings us lots of gifts.
S. Venkatesh
School class: VIII
Birth: 07/05/2000
Age in 2014: 13

I want to be an IAS (Indian administration service) officer. I hate dancing. I like weekend very much since we have many activities on weekend such as Art, Yoga, Tailoring, Computer class and environment cleaning program.
S. Ranjith Kumar
School class: VIII
Birth: 25.06.2001
Age in 2014: 12

My hobbies dancing, singing and playing cricket.
I like holidays, don’t like too much of studying. I enjoy with my wide family.
V. Vijay
School class: VII
Birth: 26/11/2002
Age in 2014: 10

I want to be Engineer. I like to join with groups forming pyramids. I like our Various Art activity conducted on very Saturday. I like to gain more science knowledge.
E. Krishna
School class: VI
Birth: 15/06/2003
Age in 2014: 10

I want to join in military. I like the environment cleaning program on every Saturday. I was always alone but now I m with a family of 35 which makes me very happy. I like singing.
V. Paramasivam
School class: X
Birth: 16.11.1998
Age in 2014: 15

I know to only read Tamil, I like to learn English, which is so difficult for me, but now I am better in English. I love playing kabhadi , I enjoy when there we have volunteers with us, so that they speak with me in English.
V. Ambika
School class: VI
Birth: 12.06.2000
Age in 2014: 14

About me I love being in this wide family, I am good at studies, I am second in the class, and my ambition is to become a doctor. I don’t like to fight with anyone.
S. Ajith Kumar
School class: VIII
Birth: 13.09.1999
Age in 2014: 14

I study well, my brother is Sanjay, I love him a lot, we stay in this wide family which is so beautiful, I enjoy so much. I love to play cricket, which is so interesting for me, and also I like to do my own paintings. I want to become a Engineer one day.
S. Sanjay
School class: VII
Birth: 23.02.2001
Age in 2014: 12

I like to become a teacher, I am good at studies.
I like the Art and craft activities a lot. I don’t like to eat vegetables.
R. Pown Kumar
Qualification: B.E (Computer science)
Birth: 19.02.1991
Age in 2014: 22

I m very glad to say that I was been brought up in this wide family from 2004 and now I m 22 yrs old, therefore I m here past 10 years. Being in this family I learned many things. My ambition was to be computer science engineer and I m very proud and happy to say I am almost an engineer today, I will be graduating this year. I would love to help the wide children when I start my job.
The Tree of Love
Your help...
30 children!!
we all thank you from the bottom of our heart & we send you all our LOVE!
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Wide Children's Home
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