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What is the planning-programming-budgeting system (PPBS)?

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Aljon Dimen

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of What is the planning-programming-budgeting system (PPBS)?

The Planning, Programming and Budgeting System

What is PPBS?
What are the agencies concerned in PPBS?
Department of Budget and Management
(The one who allocates the budget)

*The planning-programming-budgeting system (PPBS) is a concept that stresses the importance of establishing a strong linkage between planning and budgeting. It emanates from the policy of the government to formulate and implement a national budget that is an instrument of national development, implement a national budget that is an instrument of national development, reflective of national objectives, strategies and plans, reflective of national objectives, strategies and plans.

*Under the PPBS concept, the budget is anchored on the degree by which the accomplishment of economic plans and the attainment of target contained in the Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan (MTPDP) and the Medium-Term Public Investment Program (MTPIP) are supported.

Source: DBM
Planning, Programming and Budgeting System

PPBS is an answer to the need for an economic allocation of resources and the undertaking of government policy, program analysis, and cost utility analysis to improve the policy decision process of government. The scheme requires agency managers to identify program objectives, develop measuring program output, calculate total program costs over the long-run, prepare detailed multi-year program and financial plans, and analyze the costs and benefits of alternative program designs. The system provides a strong linkage between planning and budgeting (Ibid.).


National Economic and Development Authority
(The one who compose the plans for economic development)
The Philippine Development Plan
Why the government choose PPBS?
It responds to the needs of of the PDP (i.e In Infrastructure enhancement the DBM and NEDA have budgetary allocations to the agencies concerned. ex. DPWH) therefore it has a definite objective that sets direction in the governments economic and social policies.
There is less discretionary decision making in PPBS since it has inter-agency deliberation on every possible budgetary allocation.
It gives government effectiveness of serving its role of forwarding social welfare and development since the needs of the people in the grassroots is included.
BY: Aljon Dimen of BSPE 3-1
Which contains the following chapters:
“Pursuit of Inclusive Growth”

Macroeconomic Policy
Accelerating Infrastructure development
Towards a Resilient and Inclusive Financial System
Thank You !!!
Competitive Industry and Service Sectors
Competitive and Sustainable Agriculture and Fisheries
Good Governance and Rule of law
Social Development
Peace and Security
Conservation Protection and Rehabilitation of Environment and natural resources

Which will give appropriations to the following agencies.
Dep Ed
DSWD (esp. the CCT)
DA (Agriculture)
DILG (includes PNP)
These agencies receives the highest
budgetary allocations from the government. For they are the key agencies to push development.
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