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The Royal Winter Fair!

No description

Simran Mander

on 16 December 2012

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Transcript of The Royal Winter Fair!

Whats the Royal Winter Fair? Are you wondering by any chance what the Royal winter fair is ? well know you'll find out. The Royal Winter Fair is a agricultural fair full of lots of fun and joy, where kids and family's get to enjoy them self's and get to be together. Also they get to learn about different agriculture's and animals. such as chickens,sheep,horses and etc. As well as they get to learn about the differe types of food some that we should eat and other which we should not eat. Why should you go there ? Hungry? Well if you are then your lucky because the royal winter fair has the best food and that's not a lie. The royal winter fair has a food court where you get to eat with your friends and family.
The types of food that they have are:
. pizza
. Poutine
.hot -dogs
.subway You should go there because you get to learn about different types of agriculture's, and different types of food,That you may not even know. As well as you get to have more family time. Animals Horses! Sheep's Chicken bull Pigs Dogs Gift Shop! There is also a gift shop that has so many stuff like t-shirts,snap backs (hats) and even animated room boards,Which is really cool. As well you can even buy wrist bands and necklaces. The royal winter fair has lots of different types of animals some that are big and some that are quite small. There are some animals that are in the barn and some that are are out side of the barn. Inside the barn there more of big animals and outside the bran the animals are smaller. The types of animals that where at the royal winter fair where the :
pigs Dogs
and even Ducks Games,shows and sugar! There are so many fun games like the macanic bull and food games. There are lots of shows like the circus show for the kids as well as the horse show and the dog show.There is a variety of sugar shops where they sell lollipops ,apple candy's,cotton candy and even drinks. Butter Sculpturing Video Hope you enjoyed my Prezi Hand Wax! There is also hand wax, which is made out of wax and oil.Hand wax is very interesting ,because you can make so may stuff with wax such as houses hands etc.Which is very cool, There are different types of hand wax some are made with hot steam and some are made in the cold. They also have butter sculpturing which is really cool.They had them all in a cold room.so that the butter wont melt. Also it was used a lot in the old day mostly the ancients used it to carve bowls for food and to make lots of decorations. And Even More...... Animals
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