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Ser Versus Estar

No description

Margaret Myers

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Ser Versus Estar

Background of Estar
geographic or physical location
state or condition
many idiomatic expressions
progressive tenses
Background of Ser
essential condition
the hour
the day
the date
place of origin
occupation, nationality
religious or political affiliation
the material something is made of
relationship of one person to another
certain impersonal expressions
where an event is taking place
essential qualities
Further Uses of Ser
Ser is also used when a verb is following directly afterward.

Jorge es medico
Los elefantes son grandes
La profesor es aburrida
Means "The professor is boring" because this is a personality
Further uses of Estar
When followed by an adjective, Estar is used
La profesor está aburrida
The professor is bored as in the professor is bored by something
Ser and Estar Video
Ser Versus Estar
By Colby King
Quiz Questions!
1) 1) What is the "to be" form for Él es/está importante?

2) What "to be" is used before a verb?

3) True or False? Élla es esquiando?

4) Which "to be" is before an adjective?

5) Name five uses for Ser
1) Está
2) Ser
3) False. Está
4) Está
5) essential condition
the hour
the day
the date
place of origin
Works cited!



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