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arnie guzman

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of NIKE

Arnulfo Guzman
Andrew Loef
David Schmittner
Kenny Michel
Richard Cornell
Antoinette Ferrari
Products and services
Competitive differentiators
Growth Stage
Discussion Q
NIKE is victory
Brand Name
NIKE is in the mature section of its life cycle but is still growing as a world power in its industry.
Competitiveness as a company
Doesn't own it's factories
Risk of losing footwear market share
High price point
Product development
Expand internationally
High-end items
Competitiveness within the market
Natural international trade risk
Product differentiation keeps NIKE from going into a decline stage
Running/ Apparel/
NIke currently sponsors 82 professional
soccer teams worldwide
26 National soccer teams

475 professional soccer athletes
Nike offers grand variety of football apparell
Official sponsor of the NFL
Sponsor 76 NCAA college football teams
(Oregon ducks have over 384 uniform
Founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports
Officially became NIKE in 1971
Headquarters: Portland, Oregon
Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight are the
founders of the company
Present day NIKE: as of 2012 NIKE had 44,000 employees worldwide and made approximately $24.1 billion dollars in revenue in fiscal year 2012
Brand Value: $18.2 Billion (FORBES)
Nike is not the official sponsor of the NBA, but it is the sponsor of its most promnent athletes
NIKE Shoes are still the most used in professional Basketball
Nike currently sponsors 18 professional golfers. (15 men and 3 women)
Sweatshops in China?
Innovation; Sustainability; Quality these are the three main reasons Nike is so common
Nike is revered for its Quality that a large portion of the professional athletes use their products
Nike is even the official sponsor of the NFL
Nike is Innovation they always say. In fact Nike has even found the most innovated way to reuse they’re old products from shoes to sports shirts to create new running tracks and sports courts.
Nike is also completely sustainable because we as humans like to stay active making sure we will always have some sport that needs some equipment to help us exceed excellence.

Nike’s main market is all about sports and innovation.
Nike markets out for most age groups though more so on teens and adults
Nike’s market niche requires active people though they have gone digital with a new fuel band
This band tracks your movement’s in numerous ways using technology to let you know how active you are
Thus moving from just shoes gloves and other athletic gear for all the numerous sports to phone apps sport watches and power bands

-Nike offers full customization of several products.
-Customize color, personalization, type of shoe/cleat, sport
-Cost between $150-$200

Why do you think given this information Nike has become such a world wide super corporation?
Will they remain as strong as they are with other competitors that are still growing such as Under Armour?
Jeff Ballinger Article
Nike code of conduct
Harpers Article 14 cents
Protest in Barcelona Olympics
Nike improves laborers lives
Nike expands
Reports of abuses continue
More protests including colleges
Nike spokes persons get target as well
Nike faces low demand
Speech by CEO
OSHA in all facilities
Nike creates fair labor association
Nike performs 600 factory audits
Activists acknowledge Nike efforts
Nike publishes
Nike continues

1991 1992 1993 1996 1997 1998 1999 2002 2004 2005 Present

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