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Plant Cell Compared to a School

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Sabrina Xia

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Plant Cell Compared to a School

Plant Cell Compared to a School
The simile that we will compare with the nucleus is the principal's office. We compared these two because the nucleus controls the cell like the prinipal's office is the main control of the school
Cell Wall
We compared the cell wall to the walls or doors of the school.The cell wall keeps out unwanted things like dust or smoke. The school walls keeps unwanted strangers away. They quickly get push out like the dust in the cell get pushed out.
Central Vacuole
The central vacuole is like a dumpster because it stores the food and water served at lunch and stores the waste from students. This is like the cell because the cell stores the food that it recieves.
Cell Membrane
The simile for this organelle is fences or gates. We chose this because the cell membrane only allows things needed in the cell. Like we need students to come to school and learn, teachers to come and teach.
The cell is like support beams because it supports the school building up and strengthens it. This is compared to the cell because the cell has tiny organelles that also supports the cell functions.
The simile for chloroplasts is the solar panel (if the school has one)because it captures energy from the sun and stores it.Like a cell the solar panel helps produce energy. The cell collects the sun light so that it can live because, all living things need the sunlight to live. The sunlight will become sugar during the process.
Golgi Body
This organelle is being compared to cafeteria. We chose cafeteria because it serves food in which gives students energy. Like how the cell is provided with nutrient from the food that we eat.
The ribosomes is compared the the kitchen because that is where the proteins are made. The cell stores protiems so the cell is healthy enough. We do the same, we need the protein from our foods so that we can stay healthy and strong.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The simile for this organelle is hallways because it allows students to move from one part of the school to another. The cell has"hallways" for the nutrients and proteins to go all around the cell. That helps spread it faster. Like how hallways get us from one place to another.
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