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Magnatism in the 21st Century

Common uses for magnets.

Sam L

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnatism in the 21st Century

Double click anywhere & add an idea Astronomy Electronics Navigation Medicine Toys MRI Mega Magz Compass Mega Magz is a toy that uses magnets to connect different rods together to make an unlemented amount of shapes and objects. A Television is a device that alows you to watch shows, movies, dvds, ect. People use televisions in their everyday lives to relax and have entertainment while they eat and sit down. Television Compasses are used to show the direction that your facing or where your trying to go. Sailors,hikers,& many other people use compasses to find there way around. Work Cited An MRI machine is basically a big xray, it's a medical technique that takes pictures of detailed internal structures, and shows injuries, that the naked eye can't see. People get injured everyday and with MRI machines we can seewhat's going on with there body. Electromagnetic propulsion Electromagnetic Propulsion is used in the taking off on space shuttles and it creates a propulsion magneticly pushing the shuttle up
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