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Politics, Religion, and Education

TOK Presentation

Susanna M

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Politics, Religion, and Education

Politics, Religion, and Education Susanna Mölkänen To what extent do ideological biases
have an affect on documentation of
information in different areas of knowledge? Real-life Situation "The Texas textbook massacre" Texas State Board of Education has been ammending several aspects of social studies curriculum.
The board is made up of 15 elected members representing each of Texas's school districts.
10 members are republican, 5 members are democrats.
In May 2010 a final approval passed to "controversial social studies standards that minimize the separation of church and state and say that America is not a democracy but a "constitutional republic."
The ammendment included several changes such as:
September 2010 a new debate has surfaced concerning the limitation on Christian history in comparison to Muslim history in textbooks. Other Knowledge Issues In what ways do ideological biases affect our interpretations of different areas of knowledge?
In what ways do personal beliefs affect information documented in areas of knowledge?
What information from different areas of knowledge is essential for learning?
Who determines what and when information is relevant in an area of knowledge?
Should published historical information be revised in order to suit current ideologies?
What is the best method of deciding the learning curriculum for public education?
Is there freedom to knowledge in a public school education?
What affect does personal interpretation have on the documentation of knowledge?
What affect does personal interpretation have on the discovery of knowledge?
In what ways does religion affect the interpretation of history?
In what ways do politics affect the interpretation of history?
Should public school education provide a balanced outlook to different areas of knowledge?
Should education include the learning of opposing sides in knowledge and information?
Should public education learning curriculum be focused on ideological influences?
To what extent is significant information erased from areas of knowledge due to ideological biases?
What is the difference between knowledge and information?
To what extent can be trust information about knowledge?
To what extent should we accept knowledge by authority?
How far do expectations influence observations? Knowledge Issue Added requirements to study American exceptionalism and national mottos of "in God we trust."
Sidelining Thomas Jefferson as he favoured the separation of church and state.
References to the slave trade are now referred to as the "Atlantic triangular trade".
Required to study documents, such as the Mayflower Compact, which portray the idea of American being founded as a Christian fundamentalist nation.
Ensure that students learn about the conservative resurgence of the 1980s and 1990s.
Replacing the word "capitalism" with "free-enterprise system."
Teaching of the importance of responsibility for life choices in Sociology.
And many more!
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