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Issues of class and money

No description

andrea giraldo

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Issues of class and money

Written in 1937 long after the Harlem Renaissance
Written during the Depression
As the depression worsened, political tension increased
Big inspiration for the book
What are some ways in which issues of class and money are central to this novel? What is meant by the term, "class off"? What attitudes and activities are associated with poverty? What seems to be the novel's attitude toward the seasonal farm workers it portray?
Question 21
Issues of class and money
[Nanny]: "Whut Ah seen just now is plenty for me, honey, Ah don’t want no trashy nigger, no breath-and-britches, lak Johnny Taylor usin’ yo’ body to wipe his foots on." (2.27)
Issues of class and money
There is an inverse relationship between social class and morality
The poor are represented to be more honest than the rich
Janie doesn't show ambition towards moving up the hierarchical ladder. She seems to not care about social class.
Issues of class and money
[The porch gossips]: "What she doin coming back here in dem overhalls? Can’t she find no dress to put on? – Where’s dat blue satin dress she left here in? – Where all dat money her husband took and died and left her? – What dat ole forty year ole ‘oman doin’ wid her hair swingin’ down her back lak some young gal? – Where she left dat young lad of a boy she went off here wid? – Thought she was going to marry? – Where he left her? – What he done wid all her money? – Betcha he off wid some gal so young she ain’t even got no hairs – Why she don’t stay in her class? – " (1.6)
By Andrea Giraldo
Issues of class and money
Nanny believes that Johnny Taylor is beneath them, this is apparent in the way she describes him as trashy. This affects the novel because it sets the theme that class was important for nanny for her grandaughter.
"Class off"
to act better than other people
to show off
used by Mrs. Turner
Seasonal Farm Workers
Viewed as poor and low on the social class
Tea Cake fears that Janie wont be used to those kinds of people
Janie proves him wrong and shows him that she fits right in.

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