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English Intonation-Presentation

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María Alfonso

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of English Intonation-Presentation

English Intonation

Patterns of Spoken English
Segmental Features
Suprasegmental features
Intonation gives the clues about speakers attitudes, or how they feel about what they say, for eg:
Interested, bored, being kind, honest or lying, and so on.

Intonation is the way the speaker's voice changes in pitch when speaking
Intonation? What for?
Phonimic Patterns
Rhythmic Patterns
Intonation Patterns
Connected Speech
Spoken language as it is used in a continuous sequence, as in normal conversations.
There is a significant difference between the way words are pronounced in isolation and the way they are pronounced in the context of connected speech.

Intonation patterns
Show the speaker's attitude
intonation patterns:
To avoid transferring from L1
To avoid interfecence and misunderstandings
To prevent lack of communication
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Segmental Features:
fundamental units of phonology.
phonetic variant(s) of a phoneme
The way speakers speak their own language.
English rhythm: “Stress-timed” – based on contrast of stressed and unstressed syllables in an utterance.
Spanish rhythm: “Syllable-timed”

The way the voice goes up and down when speaking.
The way people express feelings, and thoughts
Enable people to understand others.
the choices made, with regard to intonation, determine meaning of utterances

Segmental features
Syllables and the symbols that represent them
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