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Somali Refugees Repatriated

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felix krup

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Somali Refugees Repatriated

Somali Refugees Repatriated
By: Felix Krupczynski
AICE Global Perspective
Period 4

Political Factors in Somalia
Somalia is known for being a country with low sanitation and high disease rates but according to The World Bank, child immunization vaccinations in Somalia as gone from 35% to 46% from 2006 to 2014 and the child mortality rate has dropped from 17.4% to 14.1% (The World Bank 3). While Somalia still has much rebuilding to do it seems that the Somalian government is beginning a turn around in this war torn country.
Economic Factors in Yemen
A few years ago refugees fled from Somalia to near by Yemen due attractive economic factors. In 2006 Somalia's GDP was about 2,316,000,000 (UNdata 5) and Yemen's GDP was 19,081,726,103 (The World Bank 3). Due to Yemen's attractive high numbers, the country had to take in thousands of Somalian refugees. Unfortunately since 2009 unemployment has gone from 15% to 36-40% (AlJunaid 1) leaving thousands of Somalian refugees out of a job and out of money.
Research Question
What are the political and economic factors that have forced Somali refugees in Yemen to repatriate?
Emigration and Repatriation
Yemen currently hosts 240,000 Somali refugees and 10,000 migrants from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Syria, and Iraq. Van der Klauuw says 51,600 Yemenis, Somalis, Ethiopians and nationals from other countries have fled Yemen over the past three-and-one-half months (Schlein 2).
Economic factors in Somalia
Due to Somalia's failing economy many Somalians had to flee the country and go to close neighboring countries to find a more economically stable home, but over the past decade Somalia's Net official development assistance and official aid received has spiked from just 176,180,000 to 1,095,640,000 (The World Bank 3). This statistic shows that recently Somalia has received over six times the amount of financial aid from other countries and organizations than it did over a decade ago, showing that Somalia is slowly gaining more international support to becoming a stable nation.
Political Factors in Yemen
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In 2003, from a percentile scale of 1-100 Yemen had a 9.13 for political stability and absence of violence (The World Bank 4). While Yemen scored low on this percentile it was still much higher then that of Somalia who had a rating of .01 but in 2013 Yemen's percentile dropped to a staggering 1.9 (The World Bank 4). This statistic shows that Yemen's stability is breaking down and cannot support its people leading Somalian refugees to wonder if Yemen is still safer than Somalia.
What are the political and economic factors that have forced Somali refugees in Yemen to repatriate? In the mid 2000s war torn Somali refugees looks to their close neighbor Yemen to find safety. At the time Yemen seamed to have much more hope than Somalia did. Today, Yemen has also become war torn and due to the economic and political factors that consist of an unstable government and high unemployment rates Yemen can no longer support these refugees. Due to the increased international aid Somalia has been given recently Somalian refugees seek to repatriate and start again in a newer Somalia that has a small glimpse of hope.
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