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U5th Graphic Communication ESA Mock Prep 2012

Ordinary and/or Extraordinary: Starting Points

Jason Ward

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of U5th Graphic Communication ESA Mock Prep 2012

GSCE Graphic Communication Mock ESA
Suggested Starting Points Choose a starting point: Pop Art and album covers... Peter Blake
Peter Saville People
Natural World
Imagination Develop, Refine, Record, Present. Record your observations
Respond to your research
State your intentions
Experiment and test your ideas
Refine and develop your ideas
Realise your intentions Mark Titchner Language-based wall paintings and banners. Bold statements which can:
BRING TOGETHER COMMUNITIES Jacques Villegle A French mixed-media artist and affichiste famous for his alphabet with symbolic letters and decollage with ripped or lacerated posters Jamie Reid? Ransom Notes? Scott Myles HOT SAND and BOTH AND replicate instructional signs and share ambiguous meanings Kriti Arora "Dead End": Life size elephant sculpture to raise money for the preservation of the asian elephant.
Effective use of road sign mnemonics. Angie Lewin A pioneer of art microphotography Inspired by the Norfolk Coast and the Scottish Highlands Carl Struwe Piet Zwart Paper cutting, screen printing, fairy tales and stories A Dutch designer who experimented with phototypography Rob Ryan Design your own typeface, freehand... ...or using Photoshop or Illustrator? Incorporate photography into your work? Write a poem or design a set of greetings cards? Design some artwork or merchandising for a music album or a concert? Celebrate or promote a place or an experience? Design an election campaign or a political protest... ...or a poster for a movie or a drama production... Design some artwork or merchandising for a music album or a concert?
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