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organizational culture - PwC / Microsoft


Darek Piotrowski

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of organizational culture - PwC / Microsoft

What is specific in PwC's organizatioal culture? firstly PwC's organizatinal culture is determined by leaders organizational culture Microsoft - PwC What is audit? service
variance analysis
figures I. organizational culture in general
II. Microsoft
IV. comparison
V. short discussion
PWC and Microsoft employees feel the impact of the corporate culture: they feel proud, they feel like being part of elites. How does corporate culture affect both companies´ effectiveness? employees sacrifice their free time
don‘t count their hours
everything inside the facilities is made to keep the employees inside and feeling good differences and common features in their corporate culture Microsoft: culture influenced by its founders (Bill Gates , Paul Allen) and its challenges. comparison of corporate culture: Microsoft / PwC one of the Big Four
present in 158 countries
776 offices worldwide
31,5 billion US-Dollar turnover (2012) How organizational culture of a company can affect its performance and effectiveness? What is organizational culture? definition: “Organizational culture is the collective behaviour of humans who are part of an organization and the meanings that the people attach to their actions.” “The way we do things around here.” - common view of the world and the business - very strong group process (needs to be managed and maintained)
- founded: Bill Gates and Paul Allen (1975)

- employees: Approx. 94.000

- area served: Worldwide

- revenue: USD 73.72 billion (2012) - founded: 1998

- employees: Approx. 180.000 (2012)

- area served: Worldwide

- revenue: USD 31.5 billion (2012) world’s largest software maker (PricewaterhouseCoopers)
multinational professional services Why it matters… Culture makes the difference! - powerful impact on performance and long-term effectiveness of organizations (until: 2010) - directly impact in employee morale and commitment
1. values
2. goals
3. consistency
4. communication
5. celebration pillars of corporate culture (since 2010) corporate culture of Microsoft and PwC is based on 5 pillars: openness and clarity variety experts benefit optimum financing strategy development reliable valuable quality standards improve the procedures objectivity professional optimize advanced training
"Women at PwC"
berufundfamilie GmbH
work-life-choice comparative study Does the reality look the same? pressure
"work-life-balance" firstly organizational culture is determined by leaders competitive
« geek-businessman »
connection with money How does it impact the economic result? 29,8 billion US-Dollar (2011) What is specific in Microsoft’s organizational culture? fgedfr a very young company middle age is around 32

it is easier to control young graduates than older men in charge of a family for instance

entire atmosphere within the company is made for young people 31,5 billion US-Dollar (2012) What is specific in Microsoft’s organizational culture? competition is high
company stays young
diversity leads to a good communication level free organization of work no strict working hours

free team work

no classic corporate rules What is specific in Microsoft’s organizational culture? special profiles are wanted they want to hire geniuses

young graduates

creativity and inventive people are wanted How does it impact the economic result? economical results on the rise each year

employees are efficient

« Come as you are, do what you love »
(risk of dispersion) a short discussion What did you learn from the video?

Do you need to constantly change the corporate culture as a manager?

Who would like to work at Microsoft?

Who would like to work at PwC? Both companies’ employees are quite young.
award for concept of harmonizing work and private life (15.03.2012)
however, difference between image and reality Bill Gates Steve Ballmer enforces the culture of figures and sales 69,94 billion US-Dollar (2011) 23 billion US-Dollar (2000) salary
work-life-choice Employees also played a role in the construction of the corporate culture. PWC : culture influenced by its founder Samuel Lowell and Multiple mergers (1957 and 1998) Both companies’ results keep on increasing: corporate culture is a key element.
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