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Launching Student Recruitment and Admissions to a university on the edge of its seat...

robin halley

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of SRAS

Raising the profile of SRAS: making sure everyone knows who we are and what it is we do... Postgraduate Admissions Undergraduate Admissions Schools and Colleges Liaison International Office Student Recruitment and Admissions Service Beginning to own the process Looking professional Being professional Developing a group of experts What DO we do? But what does that boil down to? RECRUITMENT What do we want to do? We sell the University! Exchanges and Study Abroad International Marketing and Recruitment Domestic and EU Undergraduate Recruitment Domestic and EU Postgraduate recruitment UG and PGT Admissions What we all do intersects with many groups and individuals across the University It is a very complex and occasionally delicate matrix Staff development and involvement The long-term stuff Becoming known as the experts Becoming the experts Working together to create admissions standards and protocols Becoming even better known as the experts on overseas markets Owning the admissions policy Owning the Global student recruitment strategy Have to write that one first! The short-term stuff Looking professional
Communications by email and letter
Sounding professional
Answering the phone
Talking to clients The stuff in the middle Getting the message right Making sure the names are right
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