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Finding a better balance: Lean for Legal Departments

Find out how your legal department can do more with less using Lean Six Sigma

Karen Skinner

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Finding a better balance: Lean for Legal Departments

Learn to identify waste...and then
eliminate it
If it doesn't add
value, it's waste
What's Value?
Adding value from the
company's perspective
Can you answer "yes" to every question?
You can find a better balance...
The Lean Six Sigma Solution
The Challenges Facing GCs
with a Lean legal department
A powerful strategy
Lean means:
What is
Lean Six Sigma?
A toolbox
A framework
to cut costs and improve turnaround times
to improve the way you deliver legal services to the business units
for efficient workflow and cost-effective resource allocation
Process Optimization
It's the key to doing
more...with less
It's a way for your legal department to deliver
MORE...with LESS
If you said yes to all of these questions, your department is adding value
Ensure the end-to-end delivery of your department's services is as cost-effective and efficient as possible.
improve what you already do
eliminate waste and cut internal costs
allocate work to the most appropriate resources
focus your team on value-adding activities
Download our free guide!
Book a Lean Assessment
Host a PD seminar for your lawyers and your external counsel
Arrange a "Lean Tips and Tools" workshop for your department
Undertake a process improvement project and see the benefits first-hand
Improving what you do every day with information, logic and common sense
© Gimbal Canada Inc. 2013
The Challenges Facing In-House Counsel
Being everything to everyone all of the time
Decreasing budgets / Increasing workload
Managing efficiency and cost
Greater budget predictability
In-house counsel are specialists who are expected to be generalists...and masters of the business objectives
Budgets are shrinking but external legal spend isn't. As more work moves in-house and department workloads increase, the pressure is on to do more with less
The company's bottom line is all that really matters
External legal spend can be a bottomless black box. GCs need predictability to manage budgets
Balancing the Triangle of Legal Imperatives
When budget pressures mount, many companies respond by cutting headcount. But drastic reductions in any part of the triangle have repercussions...
Off Balance?
The result: employee burnout, greater risk and higher cost
A way to create a legal department that's more responsive, more cost-effective and better aligned with the business units you serve
Does your department's work advance the matter?
Does the business unit need the work done?
Is the company paying the right resource to do the job?
Is the work done right the first time?
Waste costs your department and your company money. It annoys the business units and undermines their confidence in you. It creates delays and prevents you from getting the most out of your resources.
Reducing the waste will immediately improve your ability to balance costs, resources and work loads
Lower department overhead?
More efficient workflow and faster turnaround time?
Better allocation of your human, financial and technological resources?
Improved control over the high cost of external legal advisors?
Do you want:
Process optimization is the right tool
Process mapping gives you a clear picture of what a matter costs your company
Manage external legal spend
Determine where outside counsel adds value
Identify and eliminate obvious sources of waste, bottlenecks and delays
Improve the efficient flow of information between you and your external legal team
Reduce external counsel's turnaround
Use that knowledge, along with RFPs and AFAs, for predictable legal fees that work within your budget
Benefits of a
Lean legal department
Balance the triangle of legal imperatives
Implement Lean and you will see:
Better control over workflow, time and costs
Improved communication and responsiveness
Better alignment with the business units
Increased employee motivation and professional satisfaction
Fewer lost opportunities
The right resources in the right place at the right time
the Lean side-effect
Time to:
participate in the strategic decisions that balance business success and legal exposure
develop a closer partnership with the business units
understand specific business challenges
be proactive rather than reactive
investigate new business opportunities
learn to scuba dive...or fly a plane...
What would you do with a little more time?
Efficient departments balance all three points of the triangle
A smaller department may be unable to service the business units and meet compliance obligations.
We teach you to:
recognize the 8 classic wastes in your legal department
determine their root causes and eliminate them
Lean frees up time for other valuable work
Eliminating Waste
Capitalizing on Opportunities
Maximizing Client Satisfaction
Adding Value
There is another solution, a way to balance the triangle by increasing your efficiency: going Lean
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