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The Blank Show and Video - Mobile, AL - March 2014

No description

Internal Comms TFA

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of The Blank Show and Video - Mobile, AL - March 2014

one day,
all children
who we are
growing up in
graduate from
college by age
corps members
Justin Fong
VP, Internal Communications
Teach For America
the mission
the need
the response
2,400 staff
across 48 regions
in this nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.
how things got started
President: Couple from me too – wendy, you can skip except for one question:  should we write the rest of the OC’s names as co-authors to your piece?  Or something else loosely of that sort?

CEO: think that might seem a little forced?  this said am fine with whatever.  could say By Wendy Kopp and the Operating Committee (?).  not sure that's better tho
our internal brand:
"smart, serious and purposeful"
epiphanies about video
minimal production time
event excitement
our break: LIVE video
How do we connect people with our mission?
create a sense of unity?
tell a compelling story?
evolve our internal brand?
The change management process

and one of my favorite words: PILOT
being honest about what wasn't working
getting buy-in from senior leadership
appealing to the masses
*let's watch!
what is it accomplishing?
"omg goosebumps seeing people I've recruited on screen"
"goodness, WHAT a way to end a long week!"
"it was a beautiful mix of information and connection"
"brought tears to my eyes and gave me the chills"
creates excitement about our work

liberates people to laugh more

broadens understanding of our work
impact on culture
the show is NOT important
what it does for the audience IS
have to stick with it - you create the rhythm

pilot - by not committing to too much/ being flexible, you leave space for innovation

constantly evolve - our first show looks drastically different from today's

think expansively about the potential impact of internal communications

don't be afraid to can it


2] talking heads + B-Roll
low on commitment, high on innovation
big risk, big reward
production quality can vary
a lot of stuff flops, we learn
authenticity is draw
*2 - Highlands HS lacrosse
*1 - preview
a more engaged staff
a more invested staff
CEO Transition
*3 - Telling the story of our staff
2014 - #88
2013 - #60
2012 - #70
2011 - #82
*4 - Back to School
*5 - Blank Show Holiday
*6 - Blankie Awards
*7 - TFA Buzz
A few more uses of video
*8 - Conferences - Alabama intro
*9 - Change Management - NYC
*10 - CEO Holiday Greeting
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