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Ford Motor Company

Marketing Mang.

Kyle Kilroy

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor
Company The Ford Motor Company Website:

Through this high-quality website Ford is able to get their image in front of people that have access to information and wealth. Aspects:

-Simple but sleek
-Easy to navigate
-Vast amounts of information Primary Features:

-Information on all vehicles
-Build and Price feature
-Financing information and credit applications
-Social media links
-Quote Feature Quote Feature:

-Compare different cars and request quotes
-Different dealers in the area will send you their quotes
-Convenient, saves time
-List price is now their best price Role of the Website:

-Gets information to consumers in a convenient and excitement-generating way
-Connects dealers with customers
-Generates revenue
-Marketing intelligence tool for Ford http://www.ford.com

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