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Green Revolution, Blue Revolution & Genetically Modified Organisms (Food)

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Magdalene Lim

on 22 August 2010

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Transcript of Green Revolution, Blue Revolution & Genetically Modified Organisms (Food)

Green Revolution, Blue Revolution & Genetically Modified Organisms (Food)
Green Revolution
What does it mean? It refers to a massive increase in world food production, as a result of increased yields from existing farmland, to keep up with the rapid population growth. Advantages & Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages It helped LDCs to increase their production of food crops through the use of modern technology.

Decrease in famines

Self sufficiency in food supplies

Surplus food available for export

Greater prosperity for many farmers

Increase in national income
Success in Green Revolution farmers in the northern Indian state of Punjab in the early 1950s Not all farmers can afford fertilizers and expensive machines

Farmers ending up in huge debts

Increase in rural unemployment rate

Chemicals used result in water pollution

More farmers getting cancer

Increasing resistance of pests to pesticides
Failure in Green Revolution reduced genetic diversity
soil erosion
water shortages
reduced soil fertility
micronutrient deficiencies
soil contamination
reduced availability of nutritious food crops for the local population
the displacement of vast numbers of small farmers from their land
rural impoverishment and increased tensions and conflicts Chia Miao Xin(2) 3E5 '10 (HSCS) Why Green or Blue Revolution? In Developed Countries Due to higher purchasing power, the composition of people's diets has changed as there has been a growth in food comsumption Although the amount consumed by the DCs is greater than the LDCs, the rate of increase is greater for the LDCs. In Less Developed Countries In order to have Green/ Blue Revolution... You MUST have CAPITAL! Blue Revolution It refers to a massive increase food production from water environments Advantages Quality of fish produced can be controlled, compared to a range of fish sizes and quality often found in wild fish catches

Harvest are more reliable than wild catches

Ponds can collect nutrients from fish waste and use as fertilizers

Diseases can be controlled and waste can be regulated unlike the wild
For example, the FAO helped to start the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) in India. Disadvantages Large amount of capital are required for production and export

Coastal mangroves have been destroyed to create fish and shrimp farms, thus increasing the likelihood of coastal erosion

Polluted wastewater from fish farms can effect wild fisheries

Viruses spread rapidly in fish ponds and ocean-based cages
Too much antibiotics in fishes cause dead fishes to look like they are alive Genetically Modified Food Genetic modification involves taking desirable traits from other organisms and transplanting them into plants or animals so that they possess these traits as well.
Crops can produce high yields

environmentally friendly and cheaper for farmers.

Able to withstand greater variations in weather and climate

Increased production can help overcome food production
Advantages More than two billion people have eaten foods made from genetically modified plants over the last five years - and not one person has been shown to become sick. Success in GM Food New pest, resistant to genetic implant to control them, may develop

Transplanted genes may cause allergic reactions in some people

High costs of development together with long trail periods

Disadvantages Credits Controversy over GMF Debate over harmfulness to humans success in Blue Revolution Failure in Blue Revolution Magdalene Lim (8) THE END =D http://livingheritage.org/green-revolution.htm
Earth our home (full geography) textbook
Eye for geography (elective)
Mr. Ng K W
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