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Taller de Jose General Prezi Updated 3-12-2014

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Taller de Jose

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Taller de Jose General Prezi Updated 3-12-2014

Taller de José
Taller de José
Meet Sandra
Taller de José is a community resource center offering accompaniment to people in need. We connect people to services and services to people.
Founded in 2007 by the Sisters of St. Joseph.
Knowledge of Services
Language Barriers
Immigration Status
Complexities of "The System"
Provide Referrals
Phone Calls
Translate Documents
Read Letters/Interpret
Emotional Support
Physical Accompaniment via Public Transportation
Common Needs
Domestic Violence
Basic Needs
Financial Assistance
Why Accompaniment?
Le Puy, France 1650
Dividing the City
Outcomes of Accompaniment
Increased knowledge of what services are available

Increased knowledge of what steps to take to address problem

Decreased attitude of fear in accessing services

Decreased attitude of loneliness

Increased attitude of confidence in accessing services
Opened Doors to the Community in September 2008
They shall live as the Congregation of the great love of God.
Approximately 511,000 people who are undocumented in the state of Illinois
Approximately 20,000 residents who are undocumented in Little Village
43% of residents of Little Village are foreign born
77% of Foreign born residents in Little Village are from Mexico
36% if Little Village residents are not US citizens
3 out of 4 undocumented immigrants are between the ages of 25-44
Majority live in mixed status families (87%)
Immigration Status & Domestic Violence
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