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Fuentes de Información (Internet)

No description

Mario Valencia

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Fuentes de Información (Internet)

How to identify
Reliable sources
on Internet?
You will learn to
Identify reliable websites to get
and will be able to select the best information
for your work and "follow the path" on your own to learn more!
Learn how to get reliable information to include
in your card!

Just check the following tips:
Look for sources of updated and authorized
a) Read the e-address (URL) carefully)
Check what of these characteristics the URL has:
the ending ".edu" means "posted by an educational institution"
".gob" = government
Characters like
implies "personal opinion"
It´s recommendable to select and institution´s view rather than a personal one.
However, if the author is a well-known one, researh about him/her and make a decision!
b) Check the website carefully:
Is the information available relevant for your work?
Does it provide extra resources? Do its links work properly?
Has the website been recently updated?
Are contents written correctly? what about grammar, spelling, punctuation? do you think they were written by experts?
Are graphs and charts clearly presented?
Are they easy to read?
Are their sources correctly quoted?
c) Who are the authors of the website?
Are they included in the website?
Is there a contact email?
is there an "About us" section?
Are the authors experts in the field?
What kind of information can be found about the
authors in the website?
d) explore the links
There are 2 types of links: back links and forward links. (internal and to another website)
Be sure the website is set in an academic
Be sure the URL doesn´t change when directed to
a forward link
Have a good search!
Thanks to Mario to Valencia for the IT support!
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