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Direct/ Explicit instruction for Grade K

Math/Early learning. Counting from 1-10

sherese pow

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Direct/ Explicit instruction for Grade K

Direct Instruction
by Sherese P.
The students will recognize, model and write whole numbers from 1-10
Guided practice
Teacher goes to blackboard ( numbers 1-10 )
What are these called?
<waits for a response>

everyone "Numbers"
That was great. Would someone like to count the numbers?
< teacher waits for someone to volunteer. Teacher looks around. Terrific!>
Let us all count to 10
<Teacher points at numbers for choral response>
Excellent Class!
Now kids, it's time for you to show me what you know about numbers!
I am going to hand out these gummy bears. Please Do NOT touch the gummy bears until I tell you.
<Teacher request a volunteer to pass out gummy bears>

et us review. This animal is a bear. What animal is this class?<Teacher points at bear and waits for choral response>.Excellent! <Let us all say the colors out loud. Teacher points at colored bears>. Beautiful! Now, let us review sorting. <Teacher holds up a colored bear and ask class if it matches the one on the board> Teacher waits for a choral response
of "Yes or No." Awesome!
Today we will be recognizing numbers from 1-10.
We have 10 fingers. < Teacher hold up her 10 fingers >
How many fingers do we have? <Teacher hold up her 10 fingers for choral response >
Grade K
Subject: Math
Early Learning
Student will count from 1-10 and record the information with 80% accuracy on the first try and will work with 100% accuracy after error corrections and scaffolding have occurred for 3 consecutive days.
Objectives of the lesson
Gain learner's attention
The lesson will engage the learners to develop oral counting skills through movement activities
Provide independent practice
Small group work will provide independent practice along with
student presenting to larger group numbers recorded.
I am going to sing a song and I want all of you
to watch me and then we will all sing it together
<Teacher smiles and smiles and sings the 1-2-3...litter finger song
Are you ready to sing class?
<Teacher extends hands out for choral response of "Yes"from students>
Very good
<Teacher smiles>
Together, let us sing
<Teacher smiles>
Ready class?
<Teacher waits for a response and class count with fingers>
Let's sing. 1-2-3-little fingers, 4-5-6 little fingers, 7-8-9-little fingers, 10 little fingers on my hands.

< Teacher says, awesome singing!>
Guided practice cont'd
I am going to hand out a worksheet and you will SORT the bears by placing them on the correct color on the worksheet.
< students are quiet. they see the GUMMY BEARSl
teacher models how to place bears on the worksheet and
complete assignment.>

Now you all may OPEN the bag of gummy bears and start working.
Duration: 3 days from
Review pre-requisites:
Through discussion and review of colors, sorting and animal (bear)
Present new content
counting the numbers from 1-10 will be introduced along with counting activities for class to independently work on.
Probe learning
Class participation for counting the bears and identifying the amount of bears on the worksheet.
Assess performance and provide feedback
Through the presentation of numbers 1-10 that each student worked on, feedback will be provided as well as practice in recognizing, writing and counting items from 1-10.
Provide distributed practice and review
practice and review will occur through assigned homework and "movement" activities that will take place in the next class as well as CENTERS.

<Teacher gives time for practice>
<All of you did a great job on this assignment!>
n your worksheet, at the very bottom, write in your favorite color and how many GUMMY BEARS you ate. Now, you may eat the GUMMY BEAR
< no food allergies in this class>

Corrective Feedback
Teacher walks around to check and see if students understand work

< Teacher corrected mistakes students made>
Provide independent practice & distributed practice/review

Takes a few minutes for students to eat gummy bears. I want all of to share your answers with you partner about your favorite color and how many GUMMY BEARS you ate.
After 10 minutes, each student share with class his/her answer.

Class, you ALL did a great job! For homework, I am going to give a worksheet with farm animals and numbers from 1-10. I want you to count the farm animals and circle how many farm animals you see. Remember to put your name on the worksheet. I will check them tomorrow and hang them up in our MATH corner.
Any questions class? < waits for response>
Excellent Class!!!!!
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