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Human Trafficking

No description

Michael Ma

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking 2-4 million (2400000) people worldwide are trafficked each year About 200,000 people are brought into the European Union each year The majority of them used for sexual exploitation 80% of the victims trafficked across international borders are female 70% of those women and girls are trafficked for sexual exploitation About $7-13 billion is made each year from trafficking What is Human Trafficking? Trade of human beings for criminals to use for making money
Victims are forced or tricked into trafficking by enslaving him/her and forcing the victim to do things such as prostitution Trafficker takes away basic human rights of the victim Who are the victims? Do you want to get a job good and earn decent money?

Do you want to travel? Do you hope for a better life? Yes means you can be a victim
Victims tricked or forced into situations where they have no control Can be: * Women and children from developing countries

* People who lack money or opportunities for work or study
* Young people who wish to improve their lives NOT JUST WOMEN, Men are also at risk of being trafficked for unskilled work common factors are: being made to work for long hours for little or no money constant threat of violence if they refuse to cooperate Work includes:
Forced prostitution Forced labour (industrial, agriculture) Pornography Criminal activities (forced begging, drug dealing, selling counterfeit money)
Freedom to move, choose, control her body, mind and future $7000000000-13000000000 How can you fight it??? Raise Awareness Fundraise Victim Assisstance Create Protect Yourself If you've been offered opportunities Where are you going and why? Who is paying? Is offer too good to be true? JOIN THE FIGHT!
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