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Marketing Plan. Durex.

No description

Zoriana Vilenska

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Plan. Durex.

Our mission
Founded by L.A. Jackson in 1915
The name Durex derived from the words Durability, Reliability, and Excellence
The first to introduce lubricated condoms in 1957
Durex has maintained its innovation by creating a variety of condoms to satisfy a large target market
In the United States, Durex is second next to the popular US brand, Trojan
Company Overview
SWOT Analysis
Distributing free contraceptives opening the market for the competitors (Durex hosts National Condom Week’s).
Expensive price.
Incapacity of penetration in the segmentation of young people (maybe because of expensive price).
People are becoming more educated in the need to protect themselves against STIs which represents an increased number of consumers.
Nowadays using condoms is the only one way to protect yourself from STIs and AIDS.
Rapidly advancing technology makes manufacturing more efficient, less costly; more effort can be placed on distribution.
Politics influence on the way the population use condoms, “one kid policy” (ex. China).
Government environment: even if the government doesn’t promote any brands in particular, it invites people to use condoms by creating advertisements about AIDS.
Restrictions for abortions in Poland.
Condoms made from polyurethane became more and more popular among the people, allergic to latex.
Social discomfiture in discussing about condoms and sex.
Too much local players in the market.
Other contraceptive methods.
Government restrictions on advertising (ex. Canada).
Religion restrictions on using contraceptives.
Psychological factor: some men don’t use condom because it decreases sexual pleasure and affects sexual sensation.
Some people are allergic to latex.
To produce polyurethane male condoms for young people allergic to latex with the price, lower than all the other Durex condoms.
Target Market
Primary Target
Secondary Target
sexually active young male and female in age 18-22, allergic to latex, single, living in Poland in the cities with the population more than 20 000 people, from families with average and high income.
sexually active male and female in age 22 and up, allergic to latex, in committed relationships, have busy lifestyle, career oriented.
the only one polyurethane male condom in Poland. As we have mentioned before, the main material companies use for making condoms is latex. Although there were some tries in the market on the world level to produce male contraceptives from other materials, none of them succeeded. Moreover, in Poland there is no other type of males’ condoms than latex one.
first male condom, which will make you feel both: safe and comfortable!
4 P´s:
Type: condom
Male condom
Color: transparent, Flavor: has no flavor, Size: regular, XL.
Material used: polyurethane
Package: 3 condoms in one package
Products can purchase through:

Home Delivery- with Fast Delivery
Online stores
Super markets & hyper malls
Sex shops
Medical stores
Hotels & Resorts

RB has been ranked as one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World by leading business magazine Forbes.
Available in various varieties. Big portfolio of products.
One of the most popular condom’s brands in America and Europe.
One of the most quality brands in male condoms (the only brand with 4 levels of production testing before going on sale).
Capacity to link with big world events (Summer Olympic Games, London’ 2012).
Brand with a good capacity of communication.
Excellent distribution network (ex. chemist stores, automatic machines and supermarkets).

Marketing Objectives
1. Increase sales among the young male people in the age category 18-22 to 60 000 polyurethane condoms per year.
2. Become one of the top-three brands in our industry named among consumers till the end of 2015.
3. To get 40 000€ of income till the end of the year.
4. To be present in 80% of condom´s sales points: Home Delivery- with Fast Delivery. Online stores. Hospitals. Super markets & hyper malls. Sex shops. Medical stores. Hotels & Resorts.
Nowadays, when sex is no longer viewed as a taboo topic, public awareness of sexual health and using condoms is high as never before. But still lots of people don't use condoms because of allergy for latex.

Although there were some tries in the market on the world level to produce male contraceptives from other materials, none of them succeeded. Moreover, in Poland there is no other type of males’ condoms than latex one. That´s why our mission is creating and launching Durex male condoms made from polyurethane for the young males, who are allergic to latex.

And Remember...
Love Sex. Durex


TV, Cinema
Banner & Posters
Social Media
(FB, Twitter)


Medical stores
Sales literature
Internet web sites
like Search Engines etc
Public Relations:
o Words of mouth [Viral Marketing]
o Joining Social Community and Events

Sales Promotion:
o Discounts – buy 3 get 1 free
o Premium – free sample on special occasions like valentine day

Post-Sale Service:
o Online guidelines regarding sex and condom usage
o Online Live Chat
3 condoms for 2€.
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