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Bernard Malamud

No description

Valeriia Sliusarenko

on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Bernard Malamud

Early life
- parents-immigrants from Russia

First Works
-1st novel 'The Natural' 1952

-2nd novel 'The Assistant' 1957

-'The Magic Barrel' 1958-was awarded the National Book Award in 1959

-'A New Life' 1961-most true-to-life novels

-'The Fixer' 1966-is one of the most powerful works(Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award)

-'The Tenants' 1971
The Magic Barrel
Genre : Family Drama

Style : Direct

Tone : Objective,Sympathetic

+ elements of Jewish culture
"It seems to me that the writer's most important task, no matter what the current theory of man, or his prevailing mood, is to recapture his image as human being as each of us in his secret heart knows it to be."
Bernard Malamud

One of the most prominent figures in Jewish American literature

-fascination with Jewish traditions & history
-Brooklyn high school
-the horrors of the Holocaust
-Born: April 26, 1914
Brooklyn, New York
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