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No description

Julia Reichen

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Baboualem

She wants to go to
for the
Winter Olympics in February 2014
Like so many other people from Germany
of those searches are from

Moscow to Sochi.

German searches for Moscow increased by 247%

which could suggest that people want to combine a visit to the Olympic Games with a visit to Moscow.

65% stay up to 7 days, 25% between 8 and 15 days

What could you do with this knowledge ?
If you used Amadeus Search Analysis, you would know that there is an
1967% increase
for searches from Germany to Sochi for February 2014.
Search Analysis can tell you that he wants to go to the FIFA Worldcup in Brazil

156% increase in searches from Russia
122% increase in searches from Germany
544% increase in searches from Ukraine
Like so many other football fans
And what about
uprising destinations
outside of the sports world ?
What would you give for to know where people want to go ?
For example for the
Easter Holidays ?

was the hype destination for Easter 2013
Why would that be ?
Think about Cherry Blossoms.... you can see them in
around the time when we celebrate Easter in Europe

If we compare Easter dates 2012 to 2013, we can see:
1012% increase
in searches from
410% increase
in searches from
215% increase
in searches from
171% increase
in searches from


And what about the European Capital of Culture ?

If we look at searches to Marseille in Mai, we see
However, searches from Sweden increased only by 30% !
So the promotion of Marseille as a cultural capital worked in some markets.... but not in others !
And what does this mean for you ?

Don't waste your marketing money on the wrong markets !

Let Search Analysis show you
- which destinations are interesting travelers,
- when travelers are searching,
- how many days travelers want to stay,
and thus
when and where you need to run your ads !
What if you knew which destinations are hype and which ones are out ?
49% stay up to 7 days and 38% stay from 8 to 14 days
37% stay up to 7 days and 40% stay from 8 to 14 days
70.5% stay up to 7 days and 20% from 8 to 14 days
61% for the Ukraine

169% increase for Germany

86% increase for Russia

Allow yourself to dream....
Search Analysis
Today, you don't know on which days travelers are searching for their holidays.
Today, you don't know to which destinations travelers want to go in several months time.
Today, you don't know how many nights travelers plan to stay at a given destination.
Today, you don't know which Google Adwords will bring you the highest number of clicks.
Imagine you could look into a traveler's head and know what he is looking for...
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