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OnlineNB 2015

Prezi used for NB Filming

Stacy Begin

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of OnlineNB 2015

Unwrapping the National Board

So you want to become an NBCT?
What is National Board Certification?
What does the Research say

Hone your teaching practice
Engage in professional dialogue about teaching
Connect and engage with NBCTs
Strengthen the profession by choosing to go through the NB process
Demonstrate your dedication to the teaching profession
Are significantly more effective in the classroom
Develop more professional relationships with colleagues
Contribute to professional communities within their schools
Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of teaching skills and subject matter
Seek educational strategies to meet student needs
Interested in assuming leadership roles from mentoring to advocacy for policy change
Positive impact for minority and low-income students
Join a Candidate Support Network
Check your local association contract for NB related language
Contact a NBCT and ask them about their experience
Visit NBPTS website and look over standards and directions for your certificate area.
Voluntary, advanced teaching credential
Developed by Teachers for Teachers
Highest certification a teacher can attain
Process to improve instructional practice
Authentic assessment
Focus on core propositions
NBPTS vision
More than 100,000 (NBCTs) have been certified in at least one of the 25 certificate areas, which span 16 content areas and four student developmental levels. Even though NBCTs are only a small percentage of the nation’s teachers, they represent the largest group of accomplished teachers as recognized by the profession.
New Process
Presented by
It is all based on
quality teaching
The National Board Process requires teachers to guide students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers.
Links directly to preparing students to become college and career ready.
Ask yourself
What is Accomplished Teaching?
Knowing your subject &
how to teach it.
Not available yet
Accomplished Teaching Practices are described in the Standards developed for each certificate
You will show evidence of standards in your teaching practice
Based on over 140 studies & papers
Demonstrate the standards in your practice
Show leadership, collaboration, learning reflective practice, and professionalism
Prepare a portfolio
Focus on analysis of student work, classroom practice and professional development
Make videotapes of you working with your students
Complete a series of subject specific written tests at an assessment center
National Board Certification is a rigorous process
and can take up to 3 years to achieve.
Candidates are asked to:
Free online support sessions for
CTA Members
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