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NEW - CGG DMS maximizes the value of your assets

CGG DMS Overview presentation

Ian Jones

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of NEW - CGG DMS maximizes the value of your assets

maximizes the value of your assets

We protect your physical and digital data
We enhance the value of your data
We enable your staff to create value with your data
Do you want your data to remain at rest, or do you prefer that they are on the move?

CGG supports our industry standardization organizations
(SEG, energistics, SLC, PPDM ...)
CGG stores over 26,000 cubic meters of Geoscience documentation
CGG is the first to use Big Data analytics to
create value from the UKCS well data
CGG will operate the DISKOS NDR in Norway
CGG supports Multi-client library
(seismic, wells, geology)
CGG is an official CDA release agent for
UK North Sea data
CGG has a Data centric approach, adaptable to the clients application portfolio
CGG has 70 years of Geoscience data
management experience
Data workflow
Potential of your people

Data workflow

Effectiveness of your workflow
Data Management Services

CGG clients get
business insights
Data workflow

We can help you de-risk your projects, enhancing your production, increasing your exploration success ratio, protecting the environment.
we make that possible
Awaiting new figure from Rob Davies
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