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sofia santiago

on 5 January 2013

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Who are we? The Filipino Liberal Youth also known as FLY is a youth organization that builds it’s foundation from different colleges and universities, youth advocates and young patriots who adhere to the basic tenets of liberal democracy. The Youth's Role Exemplary youth leaders of both school and community that would like to include themselves in the line of great young men and women of the country who long fought for a progressive and democratic nation. Student Involvement Empowering youth leaders of today to becoming Heroes of tomorrow THE FILIPINO LIBERAL YOUTH We are notable throughout Philippine History
We play an important role in nation building.
We are a strong force youth builders = 30% CORE PRINCIPLES Liberty Individual Responsibility The state of being exempt from the domination of others or from restricting circumstances; freedom The state of being responsible or accountable for ones self. Subsidiarity notion of decentralized government Pinatulo Pinatubo vs OUR OBJECTIVES To create a sustainable organization that will focus on political, social and economic advancement of its members. Push for political reforms that will fight patronage politics and oligarchy across the nation. To create a culture among the youth that will nurture excellence. Foster good will among colleges, universities, youth organizations, and school political parties that will combat the apathetic views of the country. The organization commits to expand horizons and use technology in propagating liberal democracy across the nation Inculcation of liberal democracy among the Filipino youth. A deep respect on individual’s protection of life, liberty and property. To be an avenue of the
youth advocacy and reforms. To create ties with different liberal youth organizations in Asia and the world. Lobby and push for legislative reforms that the organization views will help the youth and nation in general. To give the members accesses to the government and enter government service.
Inculcate Nationalism and patriotism among the members that will lead to the realization of one’s identity and national pride Push the government to give equal access to education and giving the much needed reform on educational curriculum.
Support the legislation of the Magna Carta for students. FLY CHAPTERS FLY Bukidnon assembly FLY Cagayan De Oro FLY Misamis Occidental FLY Tuguegarao FLY Bohol FLY Baguio FLY Freedom Runners FLY Hope Caravan Volunteers Launching of FLY-PUP Chapter FLY co-organizes the Hunger Run FLY co-organizes forums FLY organizes the Prefad Gothic Revival Mission FLY is committed in challenging the different problems that plague the country and the citizens thus building a wall between our country and development. By facing on the challenges of; violence, corrupt governance, poverty, and nationwide development, FLY give means to the youth in challenging this by providing liberalistic views and the inciting importance of challenging and defeating these obstacles. FLY makes its duty to be a herald for a progressive country, a sign of movement in a stagnant political set up. Vision The organization also envisions the Filipino youth to be proactive in building a nation of freedom, responsibility, tolerance, social justice and create equal opportunity to all. The youth to be vanguards of democracy and sentinels of freedom with this, the organization aims to create a better Philippines for future generation and starting it now. The Liberal Party In the founding years of the Party, it facilitated the country’s post-war rehabilitation and became a pillar of post-war, pre-Martial Law politics in the country
It steadfastly stood up against the Martial Law even if it meant great sacrifices from its leaders and members Re-emerging in the post-martial law era, the Liberal Party was strategically conceived to become an inclusive party drawing into it representatives from the basic sectors of the Philippine society The LIBERAL PARTY:
Building a
in the 21st Century Liberal Party : The People’s Party Re-emerging in the post-martial law era, the Liberal Party was strategically conceived to become an inclusive party drawing into it representatives from the basic sectors of the Philippine society
Pronounced in the Kartilya ng Partido Liberal
published in 1989 Strengthen the education, coordination and cohesion of the Party members at the center, all localities (provinces, cities, municipalities) and the grassroots.

Get the whole Party to function better, more actively and more deliberately. Main Consensus (2004) LP AS THE RULING PARTY The Party barely maintained its strength in the 2007 elections but valiantly held on as an opposition. Its image as the opposition with an alternative program of government resonated among the public in the period 2007-2010 which contributed to the results in the May 2010 elections. LP as the MOST CONSISTENT Opposition Party The split in the Party became almost a foregone conclusion when the Party called for GMA resignation in 2005; the split formally happened a year later. THE Party SPlit Benigno S. Aquino III was elected President of the Philippines. The first from the Liberal Party in 45 years. The Party 2004-2010 AMENDMENTS IN THE LP CONSTITUTION (2011) FIVE SECTORS 20% SHARE IN NECO Five sectors have been identified:
5. LABOR In January 2011, on the 65th Anniversary of the Liberal Party, the Party amended its Constitution to include, among others, representation of sector leaders to this highest-policy making body. Sectoral leaders shall comprise 20% of the total number of National Executive Council (NECO) members. The Party of the People THE
SECTORS Sector representation reinforces the Party’s conscious drive to be the one political party that represents the broadest interests of the Filipino people. The sectors enrich the platform and programs of the Party to enable and push it to provide more meaningful and substantial services to the people Sectoral Organizing Sectoral organizations will work
closely with local Party chapters serving as the latter’s base, platform/program developer, people’s advocates and local fiscalizers. Sectoral Organizing The Party National Structure REP. HENEDINA ABAD
Vice President for Policy, Platform, and Advocacy Rep. Mel Sarmiento
Secretary General GOV. ALFONSO UMALI JR.
Treasurer Cong. Jun Abaya
Executive Vice President SEC. MAR ROXAS
Chairperson The National Board FLY ACTIVITIES Like us on www.facebook.com/filipinoliberalyouth Follow us on www.twitter.com/AkoAyFLY acebook witter Email Us at filipinoliberalyouth@gmail.com FLY supports administration's senate slate! FLY Volunteers as marshals for LP Stalwart, Sec. Robredo's wake FLY organizes a Team Building/Leadership Training/ Basic Orientation on Liberal Democracy FLY Zamboanga Liberalization FLY Antipolo Pampanga Ilocos Norte Laguna Samar Abra Santiago, Isabela FLY spearheaded the Multi Sectoral BOLD in Cainta Rizal Our Very own National Chairman Jy Dela Rosa explaining Liberalism and the advocacy of FLY towards Nation Building in front of all the SK of Antipolo City and Liberal Party's Antipolo City Mayor Nilo Leyble, City Vice Mayor aspirant Brgy. Captain Puto Leyva and all Councilors under Team Nilo. FLY Pampanga FLY joins the celebration of Mamamayang Liberal's 1st Anniversary B.O.L.D. for University Students with FLY Santiago City
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