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A Day in the Life


Winnie H

on 12 July 2010

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Transcript of A Day in the Life


Centre a day in the life “Good lumber support but the arm rests are very hard”

“I like the width of arm rests but the seat is quite hard”

“seat is comfortable, back also nice support; unfortunate the arm rests are so low but chair leans well and rolls excellently :)”

“Good chair, back could be uncomfortable if sitting for an extended period of time”

“cushion feels comfortable, but will get dirty easily –which can be visible" “I like them! Its good for my lower back. No arms are good b/c my arms don’t bump against them! They look professional & feel comfortable! Could use more cushion if sitting for longer periods
“too hard, weird shape”

“too low, can’t adjust it”

“I love uncushioned firm chairs – and I do like the “ventilation” on this model, my favourite of all…” RefWorks I Where is the washroom?

How do I get to the subway?

Can you get me the purple book?
And the orange one!

Where can I buy stamps?

Can you watch my ipod?

Where is the women’s washroom?

Can you transfer me to a real person?

how do i get out of this place?

Do you have any ice?

Have you seen my friend?

what will people call me when I graduate?

Where is the men’s room?
“Please Get them” resource Inter Library Loans resource sharing between libraries MIA M.I.A.
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