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Ancient Egypt

No description

mia baud

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Egypt

How was their society organized? By: Mia B., Farrell W., and Logan C.!!!! agriculture Towns, Cities , and Government Nile River Valley Civilization There were these kinds of classes: Women:
The women stayed at home
to take care of the house
and the family. What men did:
The men were the people of the family that had jobs.They were the rulers of the
household and the
people that kept the
civilization runnig. Wealthy men had
more advantages when it came to jobs and luxuries. what children did: By: Mia B., Farrell W., and Logan C.!!!!!
and queens:
this was the class
that ruled all the
cities and made the
decisions .

farmers:grew food for
the city and had the
biggest population.

slaves and prisoners:
built many of the important temples and pyramids. The egyptians grew:
barley The egyptians raised:
ducks They gathered and hunted many things including:
fish The egyptians
preserved their meat
by drying it in the sun
or putting salt on it. Children were the heart of the family.
It was very important for them to learn to be kind. when children grew older they learned how to take over their parents jobs. They then became the new generation of workers and rulers. the egyptians had pyramids. These egyptian cities had
walls to protect them.They also had brightly painted buildings
and temples. The ancient egyptians believed in the after world.
This led to the building of the tombs and pyramids that were used by all the kings and queens after their death. They also built sphinxes to guard the pyramids. The government of this civilization
was made up of the kings and queens
plus all the upper class people.
The government made decisions about
what should be built, trade, war, and laws. some famous rulers were:
King Menes
King Tut Their economy was supported mainly by farming and trade. Egyptian Daily lives The women:
took care of the children
took care of the house
Taught daughters
owned and ran farms The Men:
brewed wine and beer
taught sons their jobs Children:
Played all day
loved to have fun
boys went to school at 7
Girls were taught a home
all were taught their parents jobs In the free time the women would
make clothes for the family out of linen.
The men would wear short skirts with knots
at the waist and the women would wear long
straight fitting dresses. All of the egyptians
would wear jewelry like rings, bracelets, and necklaces to ward off any unwanted spirits and injuries. Most houses were 1 story houses that would be
located by the river. They were made of mud
bricks that were baked by the sun. If you were
a wealthy family you would have a 7 story
house! Just think if you were a pharoh, how big
your palace would be!!!!! Division of Labor The buildings were eighther made with stone or sun dried bricks. some jobs at this time were:
wine/beer brewers Some goods the egyptians made were:
paper The egyptians were skilled at architecture. They used gold and alabaster
for the king and queens jewelery.
They also made boats to cross the
Nile river. The egyptians had fertile
land and created irrigation
to bring water from the river
to the fields. The Egyptians traded jewelry, food,
bowls, clay sculptures, and art work
for money and other things. This Prezi was by Logan Carpenter,
Farrell Wagner, and Mia Baud

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