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The Wedding Plan

No description

Gio Manning

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of The Wedding Plan

The Wedding Plan
Misael Manning

My wedding plan is inspired by the cherry blossoms of Japan which represents happiness, joy and love
The Venue
High Park Toronto
The Park can be used as long as one has a permit. Permits cost $40 per hour (4x40=$160)

Invitations from staples cost $45 per 25 pieces (50 in total= $90)
Wedding DJ
Black Tie Entertainment provides a musical entertainment and more.
In addition to a DJ service BTE provides lighting and Photo Booth services.
Wedding Photographer and Videographer
Provided by Video Babylon
Photography package for $800

Video package
$1100 for 5 hours
The Wedding Cake
Cake provided by Artistic Cake Design for

Potage Crécy or
Hearts of Palm and Tomatoes in a Creamy Garlic Peppercorn Dressing
Chicken Supreme Stuffed with Roasted Peppers, Sundried
Tomatoes and Basil
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetables
Buns and Butter
Tiramisu Cake or
Strawberries Romanoff Served in a Champagne Flute
Starbucks® Coffee, and Tea
Reception Food
Stuffed Chicken Supreme Dinner
April 28 2020
@HighPark Toronto

$30 per serving (30 x 50 = $1500)
The Guest List
Manning Family : Aibie, Macario, Josh.
Gonzalez/ Fortin Family: Soledad,Kim, Mike, John
Obmerga Family: Dara, Abed, Bernice, Malou, Eric.
Rosario: Sarah, Roger, Chris, Johanna,
Katz: Kimberly, Phoebe, Martinez, Christine
20 Members
Jenny T, Richard C, Hyunjae C, Ryan F, Phebe F, Laura K, Ana S, Mari-Lisa M, Alex L, Christina C, Danica S, Mae M, Brigit S, Alexandra S, Candace D,

Kanya J, Christina K, RJ D, Robert B, Sam F, Kuja G, Asia C, Braum B, Jon K, Rika M, SamJo V, Vivian K, Fred G, Tim D, Isaac R,
30 members
Cherry Blossom Brides bouquet collection
Includes bride/maid of honor bouquet
Grooms Boutonniere
Best Man Boutonniere
Throw Bouquet
Wedding Dress
Groom Attire
$70 +shipping
Total of $100
Bridesmaid dresses
$60x2 =$120
Wedding Bands

$150 @ Etsy
Marriage License
$22 for Certified Marriage Certificate
Marriage Facilitated by Pastor
The Reception
105 per person

105x50= 5250
Riverstone Golf & Country Club
As cited by my local pastor
The Final Cost
$1250 estimate
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