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World Culture

What is absolute about the human experiance?

adam miller

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of World Culture

Culture through literature Cultures through out the world are diffrent But What
makes us the same
may be what is
really inportant From places like Iran Nigeria & Mexico We can learn about diffrent cultures on our own by experiencing them or by learning about them A great way to do so is through literature Many books have been written to give others a taste of a culture through a story or a life Books we've read These books not only display the culture of the nation they are written about But show human absolutes National culture is diffrent in many ways From religion To tradition To relation Books like Persepolis and Things Fall Apart Show that culture is always changing be that through
new ideals or a change in government Culture in these books is always looked well upon because it is what makes a people who they are And when that is taken from a people there is somtimes not much that can be done other than to change But its not always a bad thing, even though change seems bad in the time being, it is what alows culture to evolve and grow That is why through films like Baracka and books writen throughout the world give us a bigger picture of our world and allow us to put things into prospective &
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