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Urban Greening at Peel Alternative School North

No description

Aaron Khalid

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Urban Greening at Peel Alternative School North

Urban Greening at
Peel Alternative School North Our Vision Why Is Our Work Important? Our Progress To Date Future Plans Beautify and naturalize the perimeter of our school grounds

Support southern Ontario's biodiversity with native plant species that attract wildlife

Set the standard for greening projects in the Region of Peel

Create unique learning opportunities for our students
Planted over 150 native trees and shrubs, and hundreds of perennials (Fall 2009 - Spring 2010)

Earned the first "Wild School" Certification in Peel

Finish planting the remaining 75% of the school perimeter

Work with other schools in Peel (community engagement)

Develop curriculum connections related to the importance of biodiversity and native species
Site Plan Expenses Creates opportunities for our students to succeed in a non-threatening environment - "therapeutic horticulture"

Biodiversity: replace monoculture with a rich variety of native species that attract birds, butterflies, and other insects

Sustainability: native plants are already adapted therefore water, fertilizer, and pesticide requirements are minimized

Community engagement: inspire other schools, improve the image of PAS North in our neighbourhood
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