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Atomic Chemistry Project

No description

Zachary Jones

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Atomic Chemistry Project

500 BC Alchemists: Searched for the Philosopher's Stone,
which had ability to transform base
materials. They also searched for Elixir
of Life,when drunk by a particular
person, could grant him immortality. 400BC Demorcritus, Greece: Stated all matter is made of atoms.
He also stated that atoms are
eternal and invisible, they entirely
fill up space. 350 BC Aristotle, Greece: Provided the method of gathering scientific facts. 1780's Coulomb: Formulated the Coulomb's law, which
states that the force between two
electrical charges is proportional to the
product. 1803 John Dalton: The atomic theory, which states that all matter is composed of tiny, indestructible particles called atoms. 1870 Crookes: Created the Crooks' tube and
demonstrated that cathode
rays travel in straight lines. 1895 W.K. Roentgen: Discovered x-rays while
experimenting with
cathode-ray tubes. 1898 J.J Thomson: Discovered the electron and
developed the plum-pudding
model of the atom. 1900 Max Planck: Originated the quantum theory. 1908 Robert Milikan: Found out the electric
charge of the election. Democritus, Greece: Stated that all matter is made up of atoms. Also stated that atoms are eternal and invisible. Crookes: Created the Crookes' tube and demonstrated that cathode rays travel in straight lines.
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