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A Whole New Battery

No description

Madeleine Student

on 2 May 2016

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Transcript of A Whole New Battery

A Pretty Great Accident
Scientists at California University accidentally made a long lasting rechargeable battery
Mya Li Thai is responsible
This new tech will make phone batteries last much longer
How the Whole Thing works
Were working with gold nano-wires
Nano-wires are thousands of times thinner than human hairs
Nano-wires are very conductive but break easily
Mya put a gel on the nano-wires just to see how it would effect it
She did not mean for it to be serious
No More Dying Phones

Have you ever had your phone and/or tablet die at a bad time?

Okay, I lied a Bit
The battery won't keep your phone charged forever
But it is 400 times the charges that any regular phone will
That's 200,000 charge cycles
A Whole New Battery
It's Not Just Phones
The new battery won't just work for phones
Electric cars and cleaner energy will be effected as well
Some people even say rocket ships that last longer can be made
This battery will unlock many new possibilities
My Opinion
I won't have to worry about losing my batteries while on a phone call
This could effect the environment
More and better electric cars
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