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Comics Journalism: Getting the Story, One Panel at a Time

No description

darryl holliday

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Comics Journalism: Getting the Story, One Panel at a Time

Getting the story, one panel at a time
Comics Journalism:
How it's done:
Where you can find it:

The Progressive
The Rumpus
The New York Times
Cartoon Picayune
Washington City Paper
And the number of publishing partners is constantly growing.
Innovative & immersive
So, why comics?
Goes where others can't
Readers stick with it and share
Two words: hella traffic
We offer creative services to media outlets, journalists and non-profits looking to go beyond stock photos in telling their stories.
(1) Research/Interviews
-visual descriptions
-panel numbering
-text layout
(2) Scripting
(3) Storyboarding
The Nib
Seattle Times
South Side Weekly:
Life After the Second Set
Curious City (WBEZ):
Who make:
New ways of creating context
Modern takes on traditional modes and ethics
Visual storytelling!

(4) Final Layout
rough panel/text layout
script edits
final revisions/edits
send it off!
This is the end.
The Chicago Reader
Today, comics journalism fits largely into 1 of 2 categories:
Those who report, write and do their own artwork
Collaborations between journalists and artists
And that work helps fund our original reporting with media outlets and cultural organizations:
Chicago magazine
The Chicago Reader
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
Harold Washington Library
Nieman Journalism Lab
The Chicago Reporter
Illustrated Press
Kathy Has a Question
The Illustrated Press: Chicago
Our first comics journalism collection
Funded with a grant from Columbia College's Albert P. Weisman Foundation and crowd-sourced via Kickstarter, August 2012
68 pages
12 collected stories
previously available in stores
We tell engaging stories with some of our favorite publications:
How To Survive a Shooting
The Chicago Reader:

A fully interactive, illustrated investigation into how neighborhood boundaries form and change in Chicago.
The story of Nortasha Stingley's survival and recovery after her 19-year-old daughter was shot and killed in Grand Crossing.

Dozens of teens are shot and killed in Chicago each year. Miles Turner survived.

Now the 18-year-old's silent love-hate relationship with his wheelchair is an ongoing battle until he can walk again.
So Why
Comics Journalism?

Innovative & immersive

Goes where others can't

Readers stick with it and share

Two words: good traffic
Our Team:
And why we do it.
Graphic Reportage combines narrative nonfiction
and journalism with detailed illustration:
In print
Years of Living Dangerously
Based on a submitted question from Kathy Herwig, a Curious City listener.
Darryl Holliday
is a reporter, nonfiction writer and photographer with an interest new media, science (fiction) and urban American history. He’ll give you a motivational speech without being asked — he’s a journalist living in Chicago.

E. N. Rodriguez
is an artist and graphic designer for Columbia College and has directed the art in various city publications, including R_Wurd, a youth journalism magazine. Erik has been drawing, literally, longer than he can remember.
Jamie Hibdon
is a cartoonist and wandering brush-for-hire. When not working with the Illustrated Press, his work can be found in his ongoing anthology, Lingua Franca Comics. He lives in Chicago.
Hi Kathy!
Hit us up.

Won a innovation/format buster award from the Assocation of Alternative Newsmedia
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