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Brokeback Mountain: Discussion Questions

No description

skylar clark

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Brokeback Mountain: Discussion Questions

Was the trailer a good representation of the film? Did you feel that the advertisements were hiding any plot details? If so, why would they hide it?
-In which way was the binary of good and evil created?
Hegemonic masculinity
-Ultimately, Did you feel that the movie, Brokeback Mountain, was similar to other Westerns?
Brokeback Mountain
: Discussion Questions

-Don't Ask Don't Tell was recently repelled in 2011.
-How did the characters reject their role as being "queer"? How did the director, Ang Lee, accept queer cinema?

Information about Brokeback
(Burns & Rothman; 2012)
Melodrama: over-dramatic work that puts characters in heightened danger, emotional, or transformational scenes in order to open up to the audience's emotions.
-Why were intimate moments between Jack and Ennis so awkward?
"Ennis and Jack never use the words "homosexual" or "gay" to describe themselves and their relationship, nor, for that matter, do they use the word "love."
(Clifton Snider)
Ennis-'I'm not no queer'
Jack- 'Me neither. A one-shot thing. Nobody's business but ours' (
Brokeback mountain 2005
-Did the main characters represent stereotypical gender roles in this film?
-Why wasn't the idea of bisexuality ever brought up in regards to Jack and Ennis's sexual orientation?
-Did the camera shots impact the way in which the audience viewed Jack and Ennis's relationship?
-What was the significance of the song that always played when Jack and Ennis were being filmed together?
-Do you feel that the song took away from the Western genre that the film was supposed to portray?
How did you interpret Jack's death as a result of the camera shots?
"The gorgeous Wyoming (Canadian) mountain scenery matches the love Jack and Ennis express there, just as Ennis's squalid apartment and trailer match the sad, alternative family life he creates in the one and the barren life his own self denial and timidity create in the other. The symbolism fits well."
Overall, Brokeback Mountain was an extremely successful and mainstream melodrama, surprising viewers because of its content during 2005. The use of Queer Cinema was a risk, yet it truly paid off to create an industry-transforming film.
A film about two cowboys who in fall in love and deal with the conflicts that follow throughout their lives. Set in the 1960s.
-Homosexuality was still considered a disease by the APA and listed in the DSM criteria. Men sought out treatment and considered themselves flawed.
(Oberlin College 2014)
Film was financed and distributed independently. Had a strong connection with indie film and New Queer Cinema. Explains why graphic homosexual scenes could be used in 2005.
(Gee 2011)
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