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Girls of Greek Mythology

An Amazon & A Cassandra

Holly Holdship

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Girls of Greek Mythology

Girls of Greek Mythology An Amazon A Cassandra Cassandra's beauty brought her the
attention of the God Apollo. Apollo offered Cassandra prophetic
powers if she would fulfill his passion. Cassandra agreeed to the deal. But after Apollo
did his part she went back on her word.
Angry Apollo put a curse on her, making her able
to tell the future but no one would believe her. Everyone ignored her and thought she was a lunatic. Achilles slew Cassandra's brother Hector and the Greeks defeated Troy, event though Cassandra warned them. She was raped by the Greek bully Ajax and moved to Mycenae by King Agamemnon. Once she arrived in Mycenae she began ranting about Queen Clytaemnestra's plot to have her husband killed. Once again she was right. Cassandra's name now is a synonym for "doomsayer" or "wet blanket." She was always right. Warlike super women Amazons lived on the coast of the Black
Sea, which is now north central Turkey. Known for not wanting anything to do
with men, but occasionally set out to a
settlement near by to seek men. The local males would satisfy the
Amazons needs and then the women
would go home and wait for the
results. If the result was a male, the child was
returned to his father. If it was a girl,
the child would be raised by a strict demanding order and taught proper
attitudes. At a certain age, each girls right breast
was burnt off so that it would not get in
the way of handling a bow or javelin. This is where the name "Amazon" came from, the Greek word a-mazos, "lacking a breast." Amazons caused trouble for
heroes like Achilles, Hercules,
and Theseus Ancient tales of the Amazon women led Englishmen to use "amazon" as a metaphor for warlike, assertive, muscular women. A species of red ants was named the "Amazon ant" because
they made a practice of kidnapping and enslaving
youngsters of other ant species. Beautiful Trojan princess
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