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Lisboa, Portugal 2013

No description

Tina Elley

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Lisboa, Portugal 2013

By Tina Elley
Denmark Internalization - why? Family
Girl- or boy-friends
Economy Reasons NOT to be exchanged are often A danish study shows that It looks good on the resume (CV)
It strengthens your communication and cooperation skills
You learn to make decisions
Last, but not least, your language competences grows Reasons to BE exchanged Increasing globalization means that trips abroad are becoming increasingly important.
At the same time, it points to autonomy, the ability to understand other cultures and communicate. Conclusion of the danish study Let's start with a small quiz about Denmark:

1) What is the most famous toy produced in Denmark?
2) Do you know any Danish pharmaceutical companies?
3) How many people live in Denmark?
4) Have any danish actors played in a James Bond movie?
5) What is the name of the Danish capital?
So why Denmark? It shouldn't be beaches
and surfing that decide if you want to be exchanged....... About UCSJ. Study in Denmark Naestved Hospital Study in Denmark Study in Denmark University College Zealand Study in Denmark And a little about the Bachelor Programme of Biomedical Laboratory Science
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