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joe grim

on 26 April 2010

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Climate Change the greenhouse effect is the rise in earth's temperature over a long period in time do to certin gases in the atmosphere like co2,mathen,and nitrous oxide here are examples of climate change like melting ice, sea level riseing,and acid rain if climate change continues it could wipe out species that can't adapted to its changeing enviroment we could reduce climate change by recycling, energy efficient houses that uses solor panels air pressurized cars Global warming do to climate change is prolonging the summers, which is increasing the hunting, growing, and mating period for the arctic wolf spiders allowing them to increase in not only size but in numbers. According to National Geographic the arctic wolf spider has increased in size by 2% over a ten year period Climate change affects more than the weather it refers to a seasonal changes over a long period of time. by Rasheed Mc Alpin Greenhouse effect
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