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Ripley Union Lewis Huntington School District Fact Sheet

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Tammy Whaley

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Ripley Union Lewis Huntington School District Fact Sheet

Ripley Union Lewis Huntington School District Fact Sheet

What is on the ballot?
The board has proposed a 2.6 MILL LEVY FOR THE PURPOSE OF PERMANENT IMPROVEMENTS to be spread over the next five years.

What is on the ballot?
The “permanent” means the dollars raised by the levy can ONLY (per state law) be used for permanent improvements, i.e., things that last more than five years, such as buses, facility updates, parking lots, technology, textbooks. At the end of five years, the Board will have to ask the voters to renew the levy if the need is still there.
What is the purpose of the levy?
Purpose of the levy is to benefit our students as they prepare for college and career.
PROVIDE basic,
reliable transportation
to and from school so learning time is not lost due to bus mechanical failure.
UPDATE the high school facility so that it is a
safe and effective learning environment
that also supports today’s requirements for technology.
PROVIDE updated
curriculum tools
, and
mobile devices
(laptops/tablets) that will allow students to access the curriculum routinely.

How will this money be used?
This levy will generate about $251,000 per year for five years, allowing RULH to purchase new buses, technology, repairs to the High School facility, and textbooks.

Ripley Union Lewis HuntingtonRegular Bus Age
Ripley Union Lewis Huntington Regular Route BusesMileage by Bus No#
Facts & Frequently Asked Questions Regarding RULH School Issue on
November 4, 2014 Election

Guidelines for Replacing Buses
According to Cardinal Bus Sales, seller of Bluebird School Buses, expectancy of a school bus is 15 years. Some buses which run higher mileage routes will not last as long because the motor/trans retire early, and other buses with lower mileage will still be running past the 15 years, but due to rust and corrosion of the frame and body will not be safe to operate on the road transporting students.

Pre-K through 12th Grade Students will benefit in the following ways:
High School Students will benefit in the following ways:
The Community will benefit in the following ways:
Good schools maintain and increase the value of the homes in the district
Good schools also attract more families helping us build better schools
A strong educational institution helps educate future employees that help create a strong economy

Can the money from the levy be used to pay district employees?
No, the dollars raised by this levy cannot be used for day-to-day operations, like supplies and salaries. The dollars can only be used for permanent improvements. The district is audited annually to make sure we are compliant with state and federal laws and that the funds generated by this levy are used according to law.

Can money from the levy be used to pay lawsuits?
No, money generated by the levy cannot be used to pay lawsuits. Money from a permanent improvement levy can only be used to pay for permanent improvements, or property of the district that lasts for more than five years.

What will it cost me to support this bond issue?Use this chart to estimate the cost of the bond issue for your property.
How do taxes of Ripley Union Lewis Huntington Local Schools compare to school taxes in other school districts?
Taxes in RULH compare favorably with other districts in the county.

If you have additional questions, please contact a member of the board, the superintendent, Linda Naylor, at (937)392.4396, or treasurer, Jeff Rowley, at (937) 392.1527. Thank you for your time.
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