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Naturalism: Historical Events

Wars from the early 1880's to the late 1950's

Madison Buis

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Naturalism: Historical Events

naturalism a history of wars Naturalism Background:
a literary movement using detailed realism to suggest social conditions and show everyday reality. It went against former movements such as Romanticism and Surrealism 19th century Events:
1886- Haymarket Square labor riot in Chicago kills 11 people; Geronimo (Apache surrenders after 15 years)
1890- Massacre at Wounded Knee, SD
1892- Cherokee Outlet in Indian Territory opened to settlement
Early 20th century Events (WWI):
1914- WWI begins as Germany invades Belgium
April 6, 1917- U.S. declares war against Germany
1919- Peace Treaty of Versailles; League of Nations
http://www.si.edu/encyclopedia_si/nmah/timeline.htm 1936-39- Spanish Civil War Mid 20th Century Events (WWII)
September 1, 1939- WWII begins; Germany invades Poland
December 7, 1941- Japan surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
December 8, 1941- U.S. declares war against Japan
1942-1945- Navaho Windtalkers
1944- Normandy landings
1945- U.S. drops atomic bombs on Japan
interesting facts!
Naturalistic works exposed the dark harshness of life, including poverty, racism, sex, prejudice, disease, prostitution, and filth. As a result, naturalistic writers were frequently criticized for being too blunt Maddie Buis 3A June 10, 2010 Mrs. Knoche is the coolest!! Wars from the early 1880's to the late 1950's The End
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