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jon slack

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of Chil

Child slavery in West Africa
Have you ever ingested chocolate? Do you know how the main manufacturer of chocolate is? What if i told you that most of the farmers and worker are children. Most of the children are ages 12-16. 40% of the children are women. almost all of the children are involved in illegal trafficking. they only get paid 2$ a day.
Approximentely 1.8 million children in west Africa might be exposed to trafficking and slavery on cocoa farms. 60% of the worlds cocoa comes from the ivory coast and western Africa. some of the children are under 5. imagine if you got sold to an african farmer and having to work 8 hours a day and earn only 2$ for the day.
My plan to stop all this child slavery is to boycott the chocolate companies until they take action. They have the power to stop all this slavery. We would tell the companies to give more money to the farmers and workers in West Africa. We would also tell the not to buy cocoa from farms who use child slaves.
If child svery gets stopped then I think that West Africa wont be as poor. We can all help and just get the chocolate companies to pay the adults a little more money. With more money they could build schools and send their kids there to get an education, but if the workers get paid more the price of chocolate will go up. but I think that helping a country get stronger is a little better than more expensive chocolate.
I think we can all help the innocent children in Western Africa. If we all worked together to try to solve this issue than West Africa will be a better place to live and maybe even visit...
After they get rid of Ebola
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